January 3rd, 2018

// Boost Basics Will Get Your Family Healthy for 2018

Boost Basics Will Get Your Family Healthy for 2018

The fitness program is designed to get your kids excited about moving, eating healthier and leading mindful lives


Baltimore, Maryland. Jan. 3, 2018- BOOST BASICS (http://iamboost.com) launched a new family e-training course that teaches the fundamental skills of exercise, nutrition and mindfulness to families in a fun and rewarding package. The course consists of 15 videos for families to watch together: each video is linked to a quiz and printable worksheet full of recipes, exercises and challenges.


The Boost Basics program is designed to engage with children in order to teach them the importance and fundamentals of caring for their bodies. The quizzes linked to the educational videos provide points for successful completion which can be used to redeem gift cards to stores such as Amazon and DICKS Sporting Goods.


According to the CDC, childhood obesity remains at about 17% in the U.S. and affects about 12.7 million children and adolescents. Factors responsible for obesity stem from habits built from an early age (which are often inherited from parents) such as sedentary lifestyles due to the increase of digitalization and urbanization, as well as unhealthy eating habits such as consuming processed foods that contain refined sugar and high-fat content, or excessive caloric intake.


The Boost Basics program was developed by certified health coach, Alex Haschen, in order for kids and parents to learn together, take on a wellness challenge and make healthy normal again. This one-of-a-kind program is very easy to implement and quick to deliver results.


Built on three pillars: exercise, nutrition and mindfulness, Boost Basics offers the following benefits:


  • All the information in one place, compiled by fitness, nutrition and mindfulness experts, saving you time and confusion

  • Makes health education a game-like rewarding experience which increases children’s participation

  • Hearing the information from a trusted source reinforces encouragement from parents

  • A change in the way your children views, processes and participates in healthy activities

  • Unlimited access to the lessons


The Boost Basics program can be purchased for $44.95 and offers a money back guarantee.


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