January 22nd, 2019

// Bored with the Bench? Unconventional Workout Equipment for Your Home

Bored with the Bench? Unconventional Workout Equipment for Your Home

The same old workout can get boring, and if you love pushing your body, you know that standard workouts aren't going to get you better results. Both your body and mind get accustomed to the same routines, and you can reach plateaus. If you want to challenge yourself, consider using the following pieces of workout equipment. 

Battle Ropes 
If you want to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and lats, you should install battle ropes in your home gym. But the benefits don't end there; when you move these heavy, corded ropes, you also work your abs, glutes, and back. While you might associate battle ropes with only a limited number of exercises, there are several workout routinesthat you can incorporate. 

Steel Mace 
There are several benefits to incorporating a steel mace bar into your home gym. One of the most obvious ones is that it doesn't require any installation. All you need is enough room to swing the steel mace without hitting anything. There are also many benefits to your body. A steel mace is designed to incorporate instability to increase strength and agility. When you're using traditional weights, your body might become rigid. But when you use a steel mace to train, your body must react as the weight shifts. Steel mace bars are also great because they allow you to change the level of difficulty simply by moving your hands. If you need to start out on an easier mode, keep your hands spread wide apart. If you want more of a challenge, keep them closer together and farther away from the ball. 

As a piece of equipment that is designed to simulate the uneven bars in gymnastics, parallettes are used by many fitness enthusiasts. This type of equipment is great for a home gym because the bars are small, and you can store them when you're not using them, giving you more room in small home gyms. You can use your own body weight to build strength in your arms, back, core, and even your legs. 

Swim Spa 
Swim spas are infinite swimming pools. While you need some space in your backyard, you need considerably less than you would with a traditional swimming pool. Plus, you never run into a wall, and you can set the speed that you want to swim at. Many companies, such as Marquis Spas, can help you find the right swim spa for your needs. 

Weight benches are classic fitness equipment, but more fitness enthusiasts are learning about the benefits of switching up their routines. By combining routines that challenge your body, you can push it to the next le


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