August 13th, 2020

// Brilliant New Natural Addiction Therapy Device Hits US Market

Brilliant New Natural Addiction Therapy Device Hits US Market

AcuMed Acupressure Auricular Therapy Kit Proven Effective 

Nashville, TN, August 13, 2020 ---Every 11 minutes, somebody dies from substance addiction in the US. Now, the company that brought you ZeroSmoke, a revolutionary product which helped millions quit smoking and achieved over $20M in sales in its first year, brings a new product to market, based on the same principles, designed to alleviate cravings and withdrawal caused by addiction. AcuMed’s new device is the only do-it-yourself kit available that can ease these symptoms without the need for a prescription for more drugs. 

AcuMed’s kit is based on the science of auricular therapy,, which has been in use for decades: its effectiveness in humans is backed up by numerous clinical trials and studies. It consists of a patented small magnetic clip that creates calibrated pressure on a specific point on the ear. Auricular therapy, based on the same principles as acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and neurological reflex therapies discovered in Europe, works on the energetic correspondence between parts of the outer ear with parts of the body. 

The kit teaches users how to identify selective ear reflex points and attach the clip correctly for maximum effectiveness. It begins to work within a few minutes of application and continues to work on the systems involved in cravings and withdrawal from opioids. AcuMed for Addiction is creating an integrated system which offers this product and many other resources to assist people in fighting addiction and finding necessary professional help. 

Our emergency addiction packages will be donated through non profit organizations across the country starting in October 2020. Visit our website now to order your free emergency kit at Affordably priced full kits will be available in major retail chains beginning in January 2021. The company has already rolled out new products based on the same therapy, that harness the benefits of auricular therapy, including motion sickness, weight loss (suppresses appetite), optimal sleep quality, increased HRV and improved management of stress and anxiety.


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