January 25th, 2021

// Bulking Up When You Can Only Workout Indoors

Bulking Up When You Can Only Workout Indoors

When it comes to making massive gains, you can do it from anywhere. While you may have relied on outdoor fitness access, sometimes the weather can make that impossible. If you're stuck working out indoors, here are some great tips to help you bulk up quickly.

Decide Your Method of Resistance

When you're bulking up, you're trying to gain as much muscle as possible. While free weights are the most commonly used tactic for bulking up, they're not the only form of resistance out there. Some others include bodyweight exercises and resistance bands. You need to determine what method(s) you're going to use to reach your goal.

Get Your Food in Check

When you're in the bulking phase, you need to ensure that you're getting enough calories to fuel your workout. Far too often, people get too scared of putting on fat. This leads them to undereating. When you're not consuming enough calories to cover what you're burning, your body is going to want to break down your muscle tissue. This is because muscle uses more calories throughout the day than fat stores. To ensure that you're eating enough food, get macro and meal planning ideas from somewhere like Fit Diesel or another of your favorite sites.

Keep the Cardio to a Minimum

While you don't want to cut out cardio completely, you do want to minimize it. Stick to a maximum of one or two days a week. This will ensure that your cardiovascular system stays healthy. Any more than two days a week of cardio can result in burning too many calories. Remember that bulking up is all about consuming lots of calories to build muscle mass. If you're doing too much cardio and burning calories, then your muscles won't have enough fuel to really grow.

Work Each Muscle Group Twice a Week

Every expert tends to have their own routine for bulking up. Some prefer to do full-body workouts, while others prefer to workout different muscle groups on different days. The choice is really up to your preference. Just be sure that you take the time to workout each muscle group at least twice per week.

Bulking up can be a lengthy process that you need to properly prepare for. From choosing what and how much you're going to be eating to determining how often and what type of resistance you're going to be using, there is a lot to consider. Hopefully, the above information has provided you with the necessary direction to move forward.


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