January 28th, 2022

// But…Why? Podcast Prompts Listeners to Tap Into Resiliency and Find a Growth-Oriented Mindset 

ButWhy? Podcast Prompts Listeners to Tap Into Resiliency and Find a Growth-Oriented Mindset 

Sacramento, CA, January 27, 2022  Listeners can join top iTunes podcaster, licensed psychotherapist and bestselling author Michaela Renee Johnson as she dives into misconceptions, curiosities and concepts worth questioning in her brand new, narrative-shattering podcast, But…Why?

After 150 episodes of her Be You Find Happy podcast, and on the heels of the pandemic, Johnson started to research root causes of unhappiness. Her findings? That more growth actually stems from what is not making us happy. Johnson is kicking off 2022 by challenging listeners to dive deeper into creating a fulfilling life. Her But…Why? podcast pushes the envelope on how we look at our lives and tap into resiliency.

“Often times we find ourselves in situations where questions are formulated as a statement. Which creates an against the wall response,” Johnson said. “In this podcast, we challenge blasé responses to questions, we dive a little deeper and come at concepts of success in life and happiness from different angles.”

The But…Why? podcast launches January 2022 with the first episode, “Why resolutions are a waste of time,” and continues to feature celebrity guests like New York Times bestselling author Frank Schaeffer and History Channel biblical scholar Dr. Joye Pugh, who challenge ideas of putting career before relationships, loss of spirituality and more. 

“Growth comes from what’s not serving us,” Johnson added. “What’s not bringing you happiness? Butwhy?”

Michaela Renee Johnson is the bestselling author of Empowered: A Motivational Journal for Women, a licensed psychotherapist and a counselor at the prestigious Couples Institute of San Francisco. She has an undergraduate degree in Journalism/Communication and a master’s degree in Psychology. An avid adventurer and aviator, Johnson has traveled to more than 20 countries. Her popular Be You Find Happy podcast was put on pause in December after 150 episodes. She lives with her family and a homestead full of furred and feathered creatures in Northern California, where she enjoys hiking, gardening, creating pottery and reading. 

But…Why? is now available on every major podcast platform. Watch for Johnson’s upcoming book, Growth Mindset Workbook for Adults: Empowering Insights and Exercises to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities and Achieve Your Full Potential. For more information, please visit www.michaelarenee.com.



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