August 15th, 2018

// By Choosing To Understand And Embrace Change, We Can Control It To Our Advantage

By Choosing To Understand And Embrace Change, We Can Control It To Our Advantage

Morristown, TN, August 15, 2018 ― We are all affected constantly by change—and whether it's positive or negative change, our first response is usually fear. We fret over what this change will mean for us, and set up all sorts of scenarios in our mind of its possible outcome. But the truly successful men and women in business have a good understanding of change and use it to their advantage. If we continually avoid change, we stay in a rut and lose control of our life because we will have lost our freedom.

Ralph Masengill's latest book, Conquer Change and Win,  is the result of forty years of experience as a consultant, coach, advisor and public relations strategist, observing change and showing business leaders that embracing and understanding positive change is the guaranteed way to effective quality improvement and substantial profit enhancement. Out of this experience Ralph learned that successful people share certain traits: they are willing to take a calculated risk and endorse positive change, and they have learned how change affects their emotions and how to overcome this fear.

Masengill speaks from wisdom learned over his vast career, infused by an ethics-based value system of helping others and the community. While his own life has had its share of personal challenges, tragedy and triumph—his professional career has been defined by great success. In fact, Masengill Marketing Associates has been the recipient of over 850 national and regional advertising and marketing awards. In Conquer Change and Win, this best-selling author gives readers an easy-to-follow book, peppered with humor, that includes clear charts and graphs to illustrate important points.

Masengill's quote says it all: "Quality, like the flu, is catching. The more you are around it, the more you will see the advantages and want to be a part of the quality process. In other words, quality begets quality.”

Ralph Masengill is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and his postgraduate work includes the Dr. W. Edwards Deming course on quality and quality management. He and his wife Dianne live near the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, where he enjoys woodworking, oil painting, sailing and helping with his favorite charities in his spare time. They have four grown children, two dogs and a cat.

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Conquer Change and Win
Available at all fine bookstores, the author's website, and and Kindle.
ISBN:  978-1515191872



Author Q&As available on request.

Excerpts from 5-Star Reviews on

"All information is right on target for those seeking info on how to succeed in life and business. If you only want to read one book on this subject, this is certainly a great choice.”

"… A fascinating look at how the relentless change we experience in our professional and personal lives affects us physically and emotionally. His down to earth explanations of coping strategies coupled with bits of humor make change easier to manage. Masengill reminds us that fear of change is normal and the anxiety, stress and anger that we experience cannot be controlled and should not be ignored. The magic happens when you learn to control your response to these feelings… This book will teach you how… I found applications from these chapters helpful in everyday life, for who among us could not be more persuasive socially or at home?”

"While this book's subject is change and change management, it could have easily been about success or winning in life. Ralph is able to mix expertise, fact and even a little humor (some at his own expense) not only to teach, but to also tell a story to the reader … A very easy, delightful read that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in improving their own life and/or their company's well-being.”

"A must read for anyone struggling with doing what is difficult but necessary in order to be successful. Don't let the title fool you. This book is a complete user's guide for accomplishing just about anything. A great read whether you want to accelerate change in the workplace or in your personal life.

"… [Author] certainly knows what he's writing about, because he has lived it--in daily life, work, health, and business. Ralph's trademark has always been: "Knowledge through humor"--and it still is. Every day in every way, he's a winner and has certainly conquered many changes to make his life great again when times were tough. And this book reflects how others can become conquerors, changers, and winners too!”


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