August 21st, 2013

// Can A Trainer Be Too Thin To Promote Healthy Lifestyle?

Sooooooooo this might be a controversial and touchy subject. I love this girl to death. She is Canadian and a real sweetheart. She has marketed her self in the USA very well and has even created a really popular youtube channel. Her videos are edited quite well and she is always happy and energetic.

Despite all these positives I find a negative. She is very thin. The photo below is from a recent FitnessRx interview with Amanda. She has everything you would want in a trainer, but on the downside she is a signed and working fashion model. We all know that comes with weight and body issues. She does acknowledge that she is skinny and even addresses it in a youtube video:

With all her knowledge and marketing is she really giving people a good image of what a healthy and fit trainer who motivates people for lifestyle change should look like? Thoughts?



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