March 29th, 2022

// Can Modern America Learn From Ancient Israel? Bible Scholar Explains

What Can Modern America Learn From Ancient Israel? Bible Scholar Explains

Orlando, FL, March 28, 2022 ― Christians believe that on Good Friday, Jesus died in place of the sinful believers who put their trust in his salvation, and rose from the dead on Easter — a preview of what’s to come on the Day of the Lord. The end-time prophecies in the Bible apply to all nations of the world. But do they have anything specific to say about the U.S.A.? 

In his book, What the Bible Has to Say About the U.S.A.: The Old Testament Speaks to Americans Today, Bible scholar and veteran Christian author David S. Heeren takes readers on a fascinating exploration into the book of Hosea, where he draws striking parallels between ancient Israel and modern America. Heeren details the cultural characteristics that the two nations share during their periods of decline, centuries after their initial settlements, namely: Money vs. Morality, Lawlessness, Humanism (the deification of humanity), Liberalism, Globalism, Life vs. Convenience, New Age (and other religions that Heeren calls “hostile to Christianity”), God’s love (the book’s most important chapter), Cunning Commerce, Sexual License and Environmentalism.

Heeren compels readers to ponder questions such as, Are we headed for a crisis even worse than COVID? Will moral deterioration result in upheaval that could impact all levels of American society? What can Christians do to prevent a total collapse? And how should we prepare for whatever lies ahead? 

“He (God) no more wants to see American civilization crumble than He desired the collapse of ancient Israel,” Heeren explained. “So we should not ignore prophetic details that seem relevant to our imperiled nation. Reproduction of conditions could result in repetition of consequences.”

In the book’s final chapter, Heeren brings the discussion full circle, with a description of a great spiritual revival — as prophetic as some of the Bible's end-time texts that anticipate the very same thing. 

“Prophet Zechariah said one-third of all human beings will rise into heaven on earth’s final day,” Heeren added. “According to recent estimations by evangelists Billy Graham and D. James Kennedy, the number 33 percent is way too high. That number, according to Kennedy and Graham and others, probably right now is less than 10 percent. Talk about revival!”

Author David S. Heeren is an award-winning journalist and author of 18 books. A personal prayer identical to that of Isaiah (Is. 6:8) led him to change his career emphasis from sports writing to Christian writing in 2007. Since that time, he has published nine books with Christian themes, five of which deal with biblical end-time prophecy. His book, The High Sign, which identifies the most likely sign of Jesus’ Second Coming, received a double-four-star (perfect) rating from the Online Book Club — the highest rating awarded by the club. Heeren was recently approved for inclusion in Who’s Who.

His upcoming Christian novel, Year of Our Lord, has been praised by literary critic David Dickerson as “by far the most exciting in the In His Steps series.”

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