March 5th, 2020

// Canada Life to make Dialogue’s virtual health care a standard benefit for more than one million Canadians

Canada Life to make Dialogue's virtual health care a standard benefit for more than one million Canadians

WINNIPEG, March 5, 2020 /CNW/ - Canada Life today announced that it is working with Dialogue Technologies Inc., to become the first insurer in Canada to make virtual health care a standard benefit for employers with Canada Life group benefits plans, with up to 400 plan members. 

"We are always open to smart collaborations that help support the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians, and our relationship with Dialogue is a great example of this," says Ryan Weiss, Vice-President, Product & Experience, Group Customer, Canada Life. "Together we've developed a streamlined, proprietary virtual health care solution that will give more than one million Canadians easier access to high-quality health care." 

Since 2016, Dialogue has focused on making employees and their families healthier, happier and more productive every day, helping them to access medical professionals in minutes, whenever they need it. 

"As demand for virtual health care continues to grow, working with Canada Life to integrate Dialogue as a standard benefit is an important step towards improving access to quality care for all Canadians," says Cherif Habib, CEO of Dialogue. "Since its foundation, Dialogue has set the bar around safety and security standards, an outstanding user experience and high member utilization. Soon, more than one million people will have access to our platform, and we feel honoured to serve even more Canadians every day." 

When this new standard benefit comes into effect for Canada Life plans this summer, employees and their dependents will have access to Dialogue's fully bilingual virtual health care platform, available through mobile app or web browser. Its integrated health care services can be accessed from anywhere in Canada, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, saving employees hours of time typically spent waiting for in-person, non-urgent care. 

They will be able to chat live with a registered nurse or see a physician via secure video consultation for various health and medical issues, whether to diagnose a wide variety of conditions, provide medical advice, write a prescription or make a referral to a specialist when it is medically indicated.

The service is expected to help employers keep their employees happy, healthy, and performing at their highest potential.

About Dialogue Technologies Inc. 
Dialogue is the leading Canadian telemedicine provider pioneering virtual healthcare dedicated exclusively to the world's leading organizations. We drive real health outcomes through amazing healthcare experiences, an employee engagement playbook, and a relentless focus on patient safety and security.

About The Canada Life Assurance Company 
Canada Life is a leading insurance, wealth management and benefits provider focused on improving the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians. For more than 170 years, individuals, families and business owners across Canada have trusted us to provide sound guidance and deliver on the promises we've made.

As of January 1, 2020, Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life became one company – Canada Life, and today, we proudly serve more than 13 million customer relationships from coast to coast to coast.

SOURCE Canada Life


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