July 14th, 2020

// Canadian companies join forces to test shared spaces for COVID-19 and build public confidence

Canadian companies join forces to test shared spaces for COVID-19 and build public confidence

New company brings together rapid-testing technology with building-design expertise

GUELPH, ON, July 14, 2020 /CNW/ - As North America cautiously reopens, two Guelph, Ontario-based firms have launched a COVID-19-testing and health-protection service to keep operations in shared spaces running—and the people within them feeling safe.

Songbird Life Science combines the unmatched understanding of ventilation, air flows and pathogen spread from RWDI, world-class engineers in building science, and Purity-IQ, renowned scientists in DNA and genomics. With experience working in a variety of industries, including offices, airports, manufacturing, healthcare, food production, and more, Songbird understands the unique needs of different facilities and environments.

With rapid on-site testing that provides results in minutes, Songbird Life Science is a turnkey service with capabilities to accurately identify COVID-19 on surfaces and in humans. Testing for COVID-19 in the air is in current R&D. 

In emergency on-site COVID-19 incidents, Songbird supports facilities with immediate testing and containment solutions. For ongoing risk prevention and spread, Songbird consultants develop practical, preventative plans customized to the specifics of the space. 

Many facilities have introduced measures such as physical spacing, temperature checks, deep cleaning and PPE. These are essential steps, but science shows us that more is needed: Only DNA-based testing can accurately detect viruses even in asymptomatic carriers; conventional solutions ship test swabs to facilities where untrained staff must deploy them properly, and results can take days. Should a positive result occur, facilities are then challenged to identify the source of infection and remediate it. And for most, there is no plan to address the source and prevent recurrence. 

The Songbird Life Science approach provides complete guidance to keeping spaces open. Songbird complements existing measures by adding scientifically validated PCR technology to detect the presence of COVID-19, while its building and ventilation experts offer layout solutions and air-quality monitoring. Training enables Songbird partners to confidently deploy, analyze and effectively communicate results.

"Songbird is a first-of-its-kind entrant in a burgeoning category poised to play a key part in restarting the nation's economy," says Michael J. Soligo, RWDI president and CEO . "By blending expertise in genomics and building science, Songbird brings decades of experience supporting the design and safety of nearly every facility type." 

Songbird brings together a much-needed understanding of both pathogens and how they move within shared spaces. In today's changed world, people need evidence that a space is trustworthy before they will access it. 

"Restoring trust isn't done just with a lab test," said Deleo de Leonardis, co-founder and CEO of Purity-IQ Inc. "Songbird gives people the ability to deploy a testing strategy, customized to the specifics of their space and industry—they gain a clear understanding of what to do and how to take action. Songbird is your partner at every step, restoring confidence and full-scale operations."  

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