November 2nd, 2016

// Canadian Company Announces Virtual Medical Consultations Anytime Anywhere

Canadian Company Announces Virtual Medical Consultations Anytime Anywhere

Sick? Click! (CNW Group/MyCare)
Sick? Click! (CNW Group/MyCare)

A Canadian telehealth company launches virtual medical consultations for episodic care that can be accessed from the privacy of home, office or hotel room.

MyCare MedTech Medical Clinic is utilizing advanced communication technology to connect a patient to a licensed medical provider through its innovative service, GOeVisit.

GOeVisit can diagnose, treat and prescribe for more than 30 non-emergency conditions, from common illnesses like cough, colds and flu, to general medical concerns, minor injuries and pediatric care.  GOeVisit uses the same technology most people are already using daily, turning a computer, smartphone or tablet into a private, face-to-face medical consultation platform.

"GOeVisit is unique as it is the only service of its kind in Canada offering 24/7 and 365 access to medical practitioners from wherever a client lives, works or travels," said Dr. Raj Attariwala, Medical Director of AIM Medical Imaging in Vancouver and Medical Director of GOeVisit. "Virtual care is exploding, and GOeVisit is at the forefront, using proprietary Virtual Practice Guidelines to ensure clients receive an accurate consultation and treatment plan. The Virtual Practice Guidelines are well established and proven by multi-national corporations to help patients and parents quickly make appropriate health related decisions."

GOeVisit can provide prescriptions for non-controlled medications through its national prescription drug service. Using the Virtual Practice Guidelines (VPGs), GOeVisit providers may recommend over the counter medications or home therapies as alternatives to prescriptions. Use of VPGs has proven to reduce prescriptions by as much as 67%, an important alternative to the over prescription of medication, particularly antibiotics.

"Canadians are ready to take control of their healthcare," says Liz Bryant, Chief Operating Officer of MyCare MedTech Inc., "and want alternatives to waiting for non-emergency care.  Two thirds of Canadians surveyed want to access care the way they access so many other services: through technology.  GOeVisit makes that possible."

About MyCare MedTech Inc. 
MyCare MedTech Inc. is a Canadian telemedicine company with offices in Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, BC. For more information, visit


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