February 10th, 2022

// Candid New Book Exposes Damage Done by Bad Boss Behaviors

Candid New Book Exposes Damage Done by Bad Boss Behaviors

Tempe, AZ, Feb. 9, 2022 — If you recognize aspects of your own misguided management tactics between the covers of How to Tell if You’re an A**Hole Boss, you are the problem! But it’s never too late to course-correct, advises veteran HR consultant Tamica Sears. 

“I’m here to walk you through a self-discovery process that will make you not just a better boss but also a better leader and a better person,” Sears proclaims. “Sometimes, the truth hurts, but nothing good comes from ducking reality.”

An HR professional with more than 20 years of experience, Sears has analyzed and mediated situations involving a broad spectrum of management behaviors. In How to Tell if You’re an A**Hole Boss, she pulls no punches while breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly using fictionalized stories based on real-life encounters with difficult bosses.  

Along the way, she provides actionable tips and tools for engaging with teams, retaining top talent, creating healthy work environments and much more. Even managers with excellent track records will find that Sears’ wisdom will help them boost their own levels of performance and effectiveness.

Discussions focusing on the clues to bad behavior such as, “You Enter a Room, and People Stop Talking,” or, “Your Employees Seem Pissed Off All the Time for No Reason,” populate the book and are intended to spur self-reflection.

How to Tell if You’re an A**Hole Boss, a humorous yet brutally honest book for bosses brave enough to glance in the mirror, offers a path to corrective redemption and is applicable to anyone who aspires to a position of authority within any organization. 

“Changing your behavior is entirely up to you,” Sears emphasizes. “But if you do have the will to pursue a more productive path, read this book and it’ll definitely help you create a better future for you, your family, your team and your company.”

About the Author 

Tamica Sears, known as The Corporate Fixer, is an HR Consultant and Executive Coach on a mission to save corporate America. With 20 years of human resources, leadership development and coaching experience, she helps leaders become more inclusive, empathetic, innovative and authentic. She has successfully guided organizations through mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructures, strategy sessions and succession planning, and has created and implemented effective leadership development programs. Her philosophy: HR professionals should be employee advocates focused on giving employees the best workplace experience possible.

Identifying self-esteem as a common issue with many leaders, in 2018 Sears published You Are Enough, a book of motivational quotes designed to increase self-awareness and improve self-esteem in 30 days. A frequent guest on podcasts and featured at workshops and conferences, Sears enjoys speaking on leadership development, the future of work, DE&I, and self-awareness.

For more information, visit https://areyouanassholeboss.com/, or find Tamica Sears on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/tamicasears.

How to Tell if You’re an A**hole Boss: A Humorous, Yet Honest Exposé on Misguided Management Behaviors

Publisher: Storymakers, Inc.

Release Date: February 2022

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0-9888079-8-3

Available from Amazon.com and through all major book distributors globally



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