September 24th, 2019




Oakland-based entrepreneur Jessica Bernardo releases her line of handmade, 
all-natural bath salts, bombs, and lotions to stores across the U.S. for the wellness consumer
who doesn’t want to visit a cannabis dispensary

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – SEPT. 24, 2019  Perfect for those who wish to enjoy the pain relieving medicinal effects of the cannabis plant without any of the psychoactive elements of THC, Canna Bath Co. announces that its new line of CBD-infused products is now at some 100 outlets across the U.S.

Founded in Jessica Bernardo’s Oakland kitchen (and bathtub!) in 2015, Canna Bath Co. originally paired its therapeutic grade essential oils and salts with THC extract for pain relief. Still federally illegal but permitted in many states, THC is the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis and is a regulated product sold only in dispensaries. Bernardo soon found that her customers didn’t want to have to visit a cannabis dispensary to receive the relief her products offer. 

Switching to hemp-derived CBD this year helped demand for Canna Bath Co.’s products to explode across the nation as stores try to keep up with consumer interest in CBD-infused products. A recent Acosta study found that 28% of all consumers use CBD in one form or another daily.

A unique line of bath bombs, salts, and lotions made of all-natural ingredients, scented with essential oils, and blended with intuition and grace, Canna Bath Co. products are for those seeking a luxurious bath experience, softer skin, and pain relief but who don’t want to use a THC product. CBD, a palliative derived from the hemp plant that has no psychoactive properties yet can offer pain and stress relief, is the perfect solution.

Infused with CBD derived from legally grown and tested North American hemp, Canna Bath Co. products include a blend of Epsom and Himalayan CBD Bath Salts to help you relax, breathe more clearly, and soothe sore muscles. 

Scented with a variety of natural essences such as lavender, bergamot, jasmine, coconut, lime, ylang ylang, vanilla, rosemary, or peppermint, Canna Bath Co.’s CBD Bath Bombshelp you to sleep, reduce anxiety, energize, and soothe sore muscles. 

The proprietary line of after-bath CBD Lotions offer muscle relief and smooth dry skin.

Canna Bath Co. works with Nardo’s Naturals and sources essential oils to produce clean, holistic bath and beauty products perfect for today’s wellness practitioner and those looking to enjoy self-care at home. 

Trained as a massage therapist, founder Jessica Bernardo, 34, has always had an interest in health and natural remedies. Making her own CBD-infused bath products with natural holistic ingredients that offer pain relief and produce glowing skin was a logical step.

“When I was in massage school, my focus was on helping people feel better without harsh pain medicine,” she says. “I was already playing around with bath products and supplements using apple cider vinegar, lavender, rosemary, and other natural ingredients. This is the perfect combination of my two passions.”

Handmade with essential oils and therapeutic-grade CBD that has been third-party lab tested for quality and potency, Canna Bath Co. products are available at cannabathco.comand at select stores across the U.S.




Canna Bath Co is a woman-owned business based in Oakland, CA, whose products are all sourced for sensitive skin. We believe in holistic healing approaches and offering the benefits of the hemp plant in a form everyone can enjoy. Learn more: and @cannabathco #plantsoverpills #cbd #womanownedbusiness #bossbabe #cbdbathbomb #soakitup


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