February 12th, 2019

// Cannabis cultivator Autumn Brands finds sweet smell of success

Cannabis cultivator Autumn Brands finds sweet smell of success

Neutralizing aroma, not masking, is key to compliance

SANTA BARBARA, CA – (February 12th, 2019). One of the biggest challenges facing cannabis cultivators is the plant’s scent. Not everyone loves it. And some people were making a big stink about it until Autumn Brands a Santa Barbara County cannabis farm, found a solution to defusing the odor issue while maintaining their exacting pure and sustainable growing standards.

Officially called the Waterless Vapor-Phase System, the proprietary technology is from Byers Scientific & Manufacturing. The system neutralizes the aroma, rather than scenting or masking it. Basically, it’s like this: odors are gaseous, surfing the air currents, and neutralization is predicated on physical contact. When the neutralizing agent comes into contact with the malodor, there is a chemical change and evaporation of the odor is induced.

In response to community concerns about odors, Autumn Brands investigated and experimented with a number of odor abatement practices. They found Indiana-based Byers Scientific & Manufacturing, which serves landfills, solid waste facilities, and similar operations, through the Internet. An industry partner supplies their cannabis-specific neutralizer.

Autumn Brands’ success with the Waterless Vapor-Phase System has translated into more than 14 cannabis farms in the Carpinteria Valley using it. The system also was referenced in Santa Barbara County’s Environmental Impact Report when crafting the cannabis ordinance.

“My business partner searched long and hard for an effective system. His legwork paid off,” said Autumn Shelton, CFO and partner in the 50-percent woman owned, family business. “We are all ‘concerned’ Carpinterians. We love our community, and we all love living here and taking care of odor has always been top of our list.”

About Autumn Brands

Autumn Brands is a licensed California cannabis cultivator dedicated to the synergy of health and wellness. The Autumn Brands’ family farm started in Holland more than a century ago, and today, sixth-generation farmers apply the same expertise garnered in growing the world’s finest tulips to producing pure and potent strains of cannabis in sunny, coastal Santa Barbara County. Autumn Brands is proud to be 50 percent woman owned, free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. For more information, visit www.autumnbrands.com or email leighanne@anderson-pr.com.


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