September 17th, 2014

// Carbon Energized Canada Apparel

Carbon Energizer 2

Jeremy from Carbon Energized Canada Apparel was nice enough to send me a sports bra and a pair of shorts. The products are designed and made in Italy.

The long pants and shirt are the most popular but perhaps that was because of the winter weather. They were made from Polypropylene Dry Yarn which has the best thermal capacity of ANY fiber even wool. Great abrasion resistance. They also don’t absorb water. They are antibacterial, anti mold, and are Hypoallergenic.

The apparel was tested in a hospital sports lab,  and decrease lactic acid build up 12% more than Polyester. Decrease heart rate and respirations also compared to Polyester.  3X less body temp variation during your workout compared to Polyester.

I found them to be quite comfy. A lot of the other apparel that they have on their website looks great too!

If you get a chance to purchase the shirts and tights from them let me know if you liked the apparel as much as I do.

Thanks again Jeremy and Carbon Energized Canada! Good luck with your awesome apparel line!



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