July 26th, 2012

// Carrie Underwood – Fit, Firm and Fabulous

Carrie Underwood has one of the strongest voices in the music industry today. However, she is probably one of the strongest physically as well. She has gone from shy and innocent sort of chubby American Idol girl to a strong and toned woman. Carrie has transformed herself through a healthy vegan diet and regular fitness routine. According to Fit Sugar, "w hen touring, the singer travels with her own fridge stocked to the brim with healthy items; this helps her avoid dining out or relying on all that catered food. Her go-to breakfast when on the road? Fiber-rich oatmeal! She also brings a stash of healthy snacks."

Some of Carries Secrets:

Food Tracking

Cardio 6x a Week

Strength Training (including kettle bells)

Carrie has been quoted saying "There's just something sexy about feeling strong." And she is right!


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