November 15th, 2019

// Catch Better Shut-Eye with Nature’s Nightcap: 3 Facts About Cannabis as Sleep Aid

Catch Better Shut-Eye with Nature’s Nightcap: 3 Facts About Cannabis as Sleep Aid

Family-run premium Cannabis farming operation Autumn Brands’ shares secrets to unlocking powerful plant benefits for better sleep  

LOS ANGELES, California – (November 14th, 2019): Suffer from poor sleep? More than 70 million Americans struggle with insomnia and other sleep disorders (while 58% simply are not getting enough sleep), and premium cultivator Autumn Brands is here to help. The 50% woman-owned company with a refreshingly sustainable approach is on a mission to bring the holistic health benefits of potent, pesticide-free cannabis to customers nationwide. A sixth-generation family farming operation known for uniquely hands-on, artisanal methods, Autumn Brands is committed to helping customers understand how to safely enjoy the healing benefits of cannabis - including better sleep. 

According to Dr. Matt Roman, MD, president of Nature’s Way Medicine in Philadelphia, cannabis can powerfully assist the body in returning to a natural sleep cycle. Here, Autumn Brands shares a few important facts to know before using cannabis as a sleep aid:

  • A Look at the Letters - CBD (cannabidiol) is the plant extract believed to provide anti-inflammatory benefits. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is thought to be the natural sedative ingredient in cannabis that may help relieve pain and induce sleep.
  • Concentrate on Categories - Indica and Sativa are currently the two main categories of cannabis strains. In general, Indica is associated with deep relaxation - thanks to a higher concentration of terpenes with sedative properties - while Sativa strains are thought to be more energizing. 
  • Backed By Science - Research suggests that cannabis may serve as a holistic sleep aid. While scientists are still working to understand side effects of heavy, long-term use, the plant has been shown to help some users fall asleep up to 30 minutes faster, relax breathing (which may be helpful for sleep apnea and other similar conditions), and reduce REM sleep (believed to be useful for reducing nightmares and PTSD-related symptoms). 

Head Grower Johnny Brand and the Autumn Brands team test each new cannabis strain rigorously for six months or more to ensure the highest quality product with potent health benefits. Every sun-grown bud is hang-dried, hand-trimmed, and lab-tested to verify THC and CBD levels. Committed to an organic, no-spray growth process, Autumn Brands works hard to bring sustainably sourced, farm-to-consumer cannabis to a waiting health and wellness market. Visit to learn more and discover their full selection of premium flower, pre-rolls, and pre-filled cartridges. Follow on Instagram @AutumnBrands for the latest product releases and updates. 

About Autumn Brands:

Autumn Brands is a licensed California cannabis cultivator dedicated to the synergy of health and wellness. The Autumn Brands’ family farm started in Holland more than a century ago, and today, sixth-generation farmers apply the same expertise garnered in growing the world’s finest tulips to producing pure and potent strains of cannabis in sunny, coastal Santa Barbara County. Autumn Brands is proud to be 50 percent woman-owned, free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. For more information, visit or email

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