March 6th, 2019

// CB2 Insights Report Shows Large Medical Cannabis Patient Population with Little to No Prior Experience

CB2 Insights Report Shows Large Medical Cannabis Patient Population with Little to No Prior Experience

Data Reveals Need for Enhanced Educational Resources for Cannabis Treatment in Maryland, Illinois and Pennsylvania

TORONTO, ON – March 4, 2019 – CB2 Insights (“CB2” or the “Company”), a leading data-driven company focused on bringing real-world evidence driven from the point-of-care to the medical cannabis community, has released its new data report, “Lack of Experience Found Within Large Portion of Medical Cannabis Patients”. The report, the second in a series outlining trends and insights found within the medical cannabis industry, focuses on the experience level of patients entering a state’s medical cannabis program and the frequency of any previous usage. The study looked at more than 1,600 patients over a six-week period across seven states.

According to the study, more than one third (37.59 percent) of patients first entering their state’s medical cannabis program have little to no previous cannabis experience. The study qualifies “little experience” as the patient not having used cannabis in at least three years or having used it less than five times, and never for therapeutic purposes. CB2 Insights believes this highlights the continuing need for greater education to the patient community as well as to other stakeholders such as regulatory bodies, government agencies, and healthcare practitioners. The study also finds that certain states have a much higher propensity for naïve patients, ones with little to no previous cannabis experience, further bolstering the importance of enhanced education.

Key highlights of the report include:

·         Across all seven states, the most common experience level among patients was “Daily Usage” with 46.75 percent, followed by “No Experience” with 22.35 percent and “Little Experience” with 15.23 percent

·         The states with the highest percentage of Naïve Patients were Maryland (67 percent), Illinois (64.3 percent) and Pennsylvania (63.3 percent)

·         Rhode Island (79.3 percent) and Connecticut (76 percent) had the highest level of Experienced Patients

“The results of this study prove that it is a complete misnomer that medical cannabis programs are simply a means for recreational users to gain legal access to cannabis,” said Dan Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer, CB2 Insights. “With some states having two-thirds of patients with very little previous cannabis experience, it highlights the need for comprehensive, medically-driven education for patients when integrating cannabis into their treatment plan.”

The study also looks at the incorrect and misleading information that exists online. Unless guided by a trained medical professional, patients are extremely likely to find misinformation as opposed to useful information. 

Thompson continued, “Cannabis is complex, as are the ailments patients are seeking treatment for and any traditional pharmaceuticals the patients may also be taking. As is the case with any new treatment, patients should be seeking out qualified assistance rather than self-medicating or relying on community blogs for medical information.”

CB2 Insights focuses on bringing objective, clinically-validated data to the medical cannabis community and the healthcare industry at-large. The company’s sub-brands have amassed more than 300,000 cannabis patient interactions worldwide.

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CB2 Insights has a mission to mainstream medical cannabis into traditional healthcare. We do so by gathering data and creating objective real-world evidence through our proprietary software and service brands. Using clinical management and data collection software at the point-of-care, CB2 Insights and its group of sub-brands has become a leading force behind bringing traditional healthcare protocols to the rapidly evolving global cannabis industry. 

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