July 12th, 2019

// CBD As It Was Meant to Be: Study Showing Potential Effects of CBD Oil on the Liver Could Lead Consumers to Rely on This California-Based Nanotech Company

CBD As It Was Meant to Be: Study Showing Potential Effects of CBD Oil on the Liver Could Lead Consumers to Rely on This California-Based Nanotech Company

California-based Infused By EpicTM offers high-potency Nano CBD formulation designed to bypass liver directly to bloodstream for maximum results in 10 minutes or less

Santa Barbara, CALIF – (July 12th, 2019): As new cutting-edge research reveals potential effects of CBD on the liver, Infused By EpicTM presents a CBD delivery method engineered to safely bypass the digestive system entirely. A leader in the Nano Materials space, Infused By EpicTM specializes in targeted delivery of CBD and other phytocannabinoids, food grade supplements and nutraceuticles through the bloodstream, making it easy for manufacturers and product lines to formulate safe Nano CBD ingredients with up to 5x efficacy and nearly 100% potency into their existing product lines. Now, amidst possible concerns about the long-term side effects of a substance widely praised for its health and wellness benefits, Infused By EpicTM offers a powerfully proactive solution.  

In April 2019, Molecules published a study conducted by a research team at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences aimed at discovering the long-term effects of CBD oil on the liver. CBD oil, which is processed through the digestive system, must filter through the liver before reaching the bloodstream. At this point, consumers can begin to feel its effects, although at a greatly reduced potency. The results of the University of Arkansas study, which were also covered by Forbes, suggested that certain dosage levels of CBD oil may be toxic to the liver over long periods of time.  Even drug company GW Pharmaceuticals saw its best selling CBD-oil based oral solution, Epidiolex, having to note "hepatocellular injury"  on their warning label.

Studies show that a highly potent, bio-available form of CBD designed to bypass the digestive system and liver, like Infused By EpicTM enables more complete absorption of oral, sublingual, transdermal, and other CBD delivery systems. Formulated as a water-soluble nanoparticle, the California-based nanotechnology company effectively shrinks the size of each high-grade CBD particle, bypassing the inefficient and slow filtration process of the digestive system. 

When consumers eat, drink, or apply them topically, products containing Infused By EpicTM  studies show that this delivers up to 5x efficacy of nearly 100% potent CBD directly to the bloodstream. As a result, users can expect to feel powerful healing benefits and the onset of desired effects for mitigation of pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness within 10 minutes or less and without the risk of long-term liver damage. When mixed into any food, beverage, or topical product, Infused by Epic™ is the perfect raw ingredient and an ideal addition to a lifestyle of health and wellness. 

Learn more about the all-new line of delectable EPIC Vegan Gummies and Infused By EpicTM   liquid and powder bulk formulations at InfusedByEpic.com, available now to product manufacturers as an additive to their current products. Also, discover a wide variety of Infused By EpicTM  products such as tinctures, capsules, sprays, transdermal creams and pain roll ons available for white label purchase, all guaranteed to deliver maximum potency and the highest-quality consumer wellness benefits. For more information, visit www.InfusedByEpic.com.

About Infused By Epic™: 

Infused By EpicTM  technology transforms traditional isolate and distilled CBD extracts into a nano-encapsulated water-soluble liquid or powder for easy addition to any water-based delivery system (including creams, gels, food and beverages). Founded by medical technological innovator CEO Diana Starr Langley and nanotechnology expert COO Kalon Baird, Infused By EpicTM guarantees EFFICIENCY of potent CBD delivery to the bloodstream across all routes (up to 5x efficacy in 10 minutes or less with oral, transdermal, sublingual, ocular, etc.); the PREDICTABILITY of a reliable, repeatable experience; and CONTROLLED dosing in a finished product with homogeneou


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