December 3rd, 2020

// Certified Trainer/Pilates Instructor Ilana Milstein, Mom and CEO of No Xcuses Training on tips for working out at home:

Certified Trainer/Pilates Instructor Ilana Milstein, Mom and CEO of No Xcuses Training on tips for working out at home:

Do not let your inability to go to the gym derail you from working out. Today, living through the pandemic, working out in your own home is the newest, latest and the best trend. No, you do not need to buy any fancy equipment:anyone can get a highly efficient and effective workout within the confines of your own home. Whether you are a cardio queen, a strength training maven, or prefer more restorative exercises like yoga or pilates, there is a lot you can do. Below are a few quick and easy workouts for you to do using just your own body weight.
For the cardio lover:
Do the following circuit 3 - 4 times with a 30 second rest in the middle
1. Running in place 30 seconds
2. 20 jump squats
3. 50 jumping jacks
4. 25 mountain climbers
For the strength and tone buff:
Do the following circuit 3-4 times with 30 second rest between each set
1. 15 pushups
2. 30 second plank
3. 15 lunges on each side with a pause at the bottom
4. 20 squats
For the yogi/pilates guru:
Do the following circuit 3-4 times with minimal to no rest
1. flow from plank to downward dog 3 times
2. on all 4s extend the opposite arm and leg 10x on each side
3. 10 bridges (on back lifting hips up and down taking time to stretch at the top of each
My personal favorite way of moving without equipment is going for a walk or a jog as you get both the benefits of movement and being outside in nature, which does wonders for your mental health as well. Additionally, if you do miss a class-type environment, there are thousands of fitness instructors who have taken their classes onto zoom. While actual people are not in your living room, one can feel motivated by the people on the screen doing the workout with you. In a nutshell, movement can be done anywhere. We are not limited by the pandemic.

More about Ilana:
Ilana builds workout plans that target all body types and ages, and with background as a trainer dealing with injuries, she specializes in providing modifications or addressing pain/body issues.

For more information on Ilana Milstein, please visit and for press inquiries please contact Kat at or call 3054905911

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