March 31st, 2020

// Change Your Mind to Change Your Life: How an App is Making the Life-Changing Benefits of Hypnotherapy Available to Everyone

Change Your Mind to Change Your Life: How an App is Making the Life-Changing Benefits of Hypnotherapy Available to Everyone

Christine Deschemin uses her therapeutic expertise to create a platform for anyone and everyone to heal and grow through the simple and proven technique of hypnotherapy.

HONGKONG (March 2020)- When many people think of hypnosis they think of scenes from television shows or movies. In reality, hypnotherapy put to use by experts has little in common with the common perception of it.  It has become a trusted solution for individuals and businesses alike, and it is being utilized by business leaders worldwide. Christine Deschemin, the creator of UpNow, an innovative new hypnotherapy app, wants to make hypnotherapy’s benefits available to everyone.

Hypnotherapy is something anyone who suffers from anxiety, stress, pain, or other everyday problems can put to use in their daily lives, and UpNow is looking to make this possible for anyone. UpNow’s series of self-hypnosis mp3s can be easily enjoyed in the comfort of home or anywhere that you are able to take a moment to pause, relax, and focus your mind. This makes them uniquely suited for even the most active and busy lifestyles.

Hypnosis, contrary to what you may think, is a natural state you have likely experienced before even if you have never tried hypnotherapy. Perhaps you have zoned out while driving your familiar route to work or become so engrossed in a movie you completely lost track of time. Each of these situations is an example of hypnosis.

If this state is so common in daily life, why not take advantage of it to become healthier and happier? What Deschemin aims to do with UpNow is to help you take control of this state of mind and use it to live a more positive lifestyle. UpNow makes this easy by offering an affordable selection of mp3s tailored for all kinds of goals such as improving sleep, career enhancement, and much, much more. All you need is your phone and a pair of headphones.

Deschemin knows you can become the best version of yourself with UpNow. Unlike other self-hypnosis apps, UpNow puts some of the most advanced and up to date hypnosis techniques into practice and has had proven success with everyone from athletes to children to C-suite executives. UpNow has even partnered with medical professionals, as doctors have become more and more aware of the many benefits of hypnotherapy.

Above all, Deschemin believes it’s possible for people from all walks of life to use UpNow to change their minds, and ultimately, their lives. Regular users’ results have demonstrated the connection between mindfulness, health, and success. Simply the most convenient and affordable option, UpNow is poised to become a staple for all who strive for a more fulfilling lifestyle.


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