January 14th, 2021

// Chirp Wheel – Product Review

Chirp Wheel - Product Review

I recently was send the Chirp Wheel to review! And let me tell you guys I love it! Although they only sent me the 6" I find its perfect for what this Pro Athlete Needs.

Not only is it ergonomically sound, its the perfect size for travel and I find that it has helped my mobility tremendously. This is because it helps with back flexion that is necessary for my posing.

The wheel comes in three sizes. 12", 10" and 6" to suit your needs, mobility and needs. Most wheels only come in on size. And to top it off the product was even on Shark Tank! Each size wheel provides a different pressure. The 10" & 12" wheels help to ease into back pain relief without over stretching tight muscles. The 6” Deep Tissue can be a huge help with the stubborn muscles that need extra pressure to release. We always recommend the 3 wheel pack to cover all your bases and get complete back pain relief. Here's a video to see the difference.

"The Chirp Wheel puts pressure on the muscles surrounding the spine. In doing so, the muscles are stretched and strengthened. The technical term for this is Myofascial Release. Myofascial is a fancy word for muscle, and release is referring to the tension within the muscle."

If your body isn’t 100% satisfied with the product within 60 days, send it back. No questions asked.

I definitely give this product a 10/10 ranking. Unfortunately I do not have a discount code for you but in my opinion it is worth the money if you are serious about your health, mobility and fitness goals! And if you are competitor this is on my must have list!


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