November 27th, 2018

// Chronic Pain: How to Reduce Discomfort during a Workout

Chronic Pain: How to Reduce Discomfort during a Workout

You may have been told that exercising is good for you no matter your health condition. This is because your body is designed to stay active in order to promote good health. Here are some of the techniques that you can use to reduce your discomfort during a workout if you suffer from chronic pain.

Engage in Stretching

Stretching is extremely beneficial when it comes to preparing your body for a workout. Even some of the lowest forms of activity can cause you pain if you have tight muscles. Getting your muscles to relax and help you to move more freely can reduce some of the discomfort that you experience following a workout. Another benefit is the stretching can help to increase your range of motion and help with chronic pain coping mechanisms.

Strengthen Core Muscle Groups

Building up other areas of your body could make completing daily tasks a little bit easier. This is because when you’re in chronic pain, you may avoid certain activities that cause you pain. Strengthening these core muscle groups can help to alleviate some of the pain that you experience. It will also decrease the amount of effort that’s required on your part just to get through the day.

Use Pain Relieving Strategies

You may have pain medication that’s prescribed to help you to be more active. Using pain medicine from a compounding pharmacy is one method to help you control your level of discomfort during a workout. Ensure that your medication is at peak efficacy levels so that you can engage in your exercise routine. This will allow you to develop your muscles so that you could end up requiring less pain managementand pain medication over time.

Reduce Load Bearing Exercises

Another common method of exercise for those that suffer from chronic pain is to change the types of exercises that are performed. Weight bearing exercises tend to be harder on your joints and could be causing you to experience more pain. Working out in a pool is one way to alleviate the stress on your joints. Biking can be another method that reduces the strain on certain parts of your body. Trying new ways of working out can help you to develop the necessary core strength to better cope with your chronic pain.

You don’t need to suffer through pain while trying to improve your physical health. Use these strategies to reduce the amount of discomfort that you experience during and after your workout efforts.


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