May 17th, 2017

// Clearlight Infrared and Jacuzzi Inc. Announce a Licensing Partnership and Q & A

Clearlight Infrared and Jacuzzi Inc. Announce a Licensing Partnership and Q & A


  1. How does Infrared Therapy help people live more vibrant, productive and balanced lives?


The simple habit of getting in the infrared sauna a few times a week can profoundly change peoples lives for the better. First I have outlined a brief overview of the mechanism that allows these changes to occur from a physiological perspective.


The infrared sauna restores balance in the body in many simple ways. Within a few minutes of sitting in the sauna the infrared is already penetrating into the soft tissue where vasodilation occurs. The blood vessels open causing the heart to beat faster (cardio effect) bringing oxygenated blood to areas that need healing and removing toxins at the same time. The deep heat reduces muscular and joint pain. The vasodilation automatically causes the body to go more into parasympathetic tone, which is also known as the relaxation response, the opposite of fight or flight. All these changes happen simultaneously.


When pain is reduced, people function at a higher level and experience more joy. Cardio conditioning allows the body to perform and function with greater ease and can increase longevity. Stress reduction can prevent or abate many diseases increasing life span and allowing for a better quality of life, better communication and relationships. Removing toxins can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases and can increase lifespan and overall function. Many auto-immune diseases also seem to be exacerbated by high levels of toxins in the body.


A non profit organization, Physicians for Social Responsibility have an in-depth overview showing the effects of toxins and our health:



  1. How could using this technology and product help improve weight loss?


A weight loss study done at SUNY Binghamton University concluded that participants who used a Clearlight sauna three times a week for 30 minutes over eight weeks lost an average of 4% body fat. Here is the study:



Kaiser Permanente also recommends regular sauna use and states on their website:


Sweat the pounds. Sauna bathing may even be a pleasant adjunct to physical exercise for burning calories and conditioning the heart. Sweating is an active physiological response to help lower body temperature. It involves the expenditure of a considerable number of calories; a person can burn up 300 to 800 calories during a sauna. Sauna bathing, like physical exercise, also places a stress on the heart and may to some degree improve conditioning.


Here is the link to entire Kaiser article on our website:


  1. How could one incorporate this into their everyday routine?


It is very simple to use the infrared sauna at home. It quickly sets up in any room and needs no venting or plumbing. Many one and two person models plug into any 15 amp 110 volt outlet. The sauna heats up quickly and is ready to use in fifteen minutes.


Most people will gravitate towards a time either in the morning or in the evening to take their sauna. This soon becomes a welcome respite away from others, cell phones and normal distractions of the day. Twenty minutes, three times a week, is all that is required to see positive changes and to improve mental, physical and emotional health.

  1. What are some health benefits of using these products?


Stress reduction

Reduced muscle and joint pain


Improved skin health

Weight loss

Immune boost

Fewer colds/flu

Better sleep patterns

Improved circulation


* It is important to note that the infrared sauna does not cure anything. Infrared is very natural and a large portion of the infrared wavelenghts produced by our heaters are the same wavelengths produced by the body itself. We are helping the body by boosting it's own natural energy.  Healing takes place of its own accord as the body comes back into balance.

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Jacuzzi® Sauna Health Benefits



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