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VANCOUVER, BC, Aug. 15, 2022 /CNW/ - The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) held its 2022 Annual Meeting and Conference today. The hybrid event was held both onsite in Vancouver, B.C. and online. 

During the business meeting, CMPA President Dr. Michael Cohen, and CEO Dr. Lisa Calder highlighted how the CMPA supported and advised its over 105,000 physician members, compensated patients, and improved patient safety in 2021.

The Association provided a summary of its operational achievements and presented its financial results for the 2021 fiscal year, illustrating strong financial stewardship and commitment to compensating patients, on behalf of CMPA members, who have been proven harmed by negligent medical care.

"With the impacts of COVID-19 and the current human resources crisis in healthcare, physicians continue to face significant challenges," said Dr. Calder. "We are here to support our members with medico-legal assistance and compassionate advice," continued Dr. Calder. "As the healthcare environment continues to change, we will continue to look for new ways to be there for physicians, helping them provide safe medical care to Canadian patients."

Along with its role of supporting and advising Canadian physicians, the CMPA's goal is also to prevent harm and improve the safety of medical care through evidence-based learning. In instances where there is proven harm to patients due to negligent care, the CMPA provides appropriate compensation on behalf of its physician members.

"In 2021, the CMPA paid $276 million in compensation to patients harmed by negligent medical care (fault in Québec), an increase of $70 million over the previous year, helping to support their short- and long-term care needs," said Dr. Cohen. "In fact, the CMPA paid a total of $1.2 billion in patient compensation over the last 5 years on behalf of its members."

Incoming CMPA President Dr. Jean-Hugues Brossard also addressed the meeting and discussed some of the goals he wished to achieve during his presidency. "The challenge we face during this rapid time of change is to have a good understanding of the present issues facing members, to effectively forecast what's coming in the future, and to be able to appropriately adapt and evolve," said Dr. Brossard. "I firmly believe that CMPA is positioned to meet this challenge". 

Other notable 2021 results announced at the annual meeting include:

  • Advice and support: The CMPA's 45+ physician advisors responded to over 24,000 advice calls and provided essential medico-legal support.
  • Online resources: The CMPA COVID-19 Hub, a valuable online resource for physician members, was accessed by 77% of our 105,000 members.
  • Engagement and advocacy: In 2021, the CMPA's new Strategic Engagement and Advocacy department delivered 59 submissions to regulatory authorities and engaged with governments and stakeholders, providing insights on multiple topics, including COVID-19, MAID, and virtual care.
  • Accredited learning: The CMPA's Prepped for practice: Medico-legal essentials for residents virtual symposium was delivered at 17 faculties of medicine; and accredited eLearning activities were completed more than 20,000 times.
  • Peer-reviewed research: In 2021, CMPA research manuscripts were published in the Canadian Journal of Surgery, PRS—Global Open, and the CMAJ Open. The CMPA also fulfilled 56 research project and data requests for members, sharing our data-driven insights to help physicians and stakeholder organizations.

Reduction in 2023 Membership Fees

The Association also announced its 2023 aggregate membership fees, reporting a reduction across all four CMPA fee regions.

These fee reductions reflect the CMPA's commitment to the equitable allocation of medico-legal protection costs. Each region is independent and there is no subsidization between regions (see the 2023 CMPA Fee Backgrounder for additional information on member fees).

The 2023 aggregate fees per member (which is an average, not the fee that an individual member pays) by CMPA fee region can be found below. When determining member fees, the aggregate fee for the region is calculated and used as the foundation to determine regional fees based on each member's type of work. The 2023 membership fee schedule, which provides individual member fees by region and type of work, is available on the CMPA website.

  1. British Columbia and Alberta
    The aggregate fee per member in BC and Alberta in 2023 is $1,701, down 56% from 2022 or a reduction of $60.3 million across the fee region.
  2. Ontario
    The aggregate fee per member in Ontario in 2023 is $3,198, down 45% from 2022 or a reduction of $107.8 millionacross the entire fee region.
  3. Québec
    The aggregate fee per member in Québec in 2022 is $227, down 56% from 2022 or a reduction of $5.9 millionacross the fee region.
  4. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Atlantic Provinces and the Territories
    The aggregate fee per member in this fee region has been set at $345 per member, down 90% from 2022, or a reduction of $41.6 million across the entire fee region.

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About the CMPA

The CMPA, a not-for-profit organization, delivers efficient, high quality physician-to-physician advice and assistance in medico-legal matters, including the provision of appropriate compensation, on behalf of our members, to patients injured by negligent medical care (fault in Québec). Our evidence-based products and services enhance the safety of medical care, reducing unnecessary patient harm and healthcare costs.

As Canada's largest physician organization and with the support of our over 105,000 physician members, the CMPA collaborates, advocates, and effects positive change on important healthcare and medico-legal issues. The Association is governed by an elected Council of physicians.

SOURCE Canadian Medical Protective Association

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