January 25th, 2020

// Coffee with a Cannabis Farmer offers new educational opportunities

Coffee with a Cannabis Farmer offers new educational opportunities 

CARPINTERIA, CA –  While cannabis-related headlines are mostly about NIMBY grudge matches in the Tri-Counties, one company has positioned itself as a cannabis industry leader through its educational programs on the health and wellness benefits of the plant. 

Carpinteria-based KopSun LLC’s latest learning opportunity is Coffee with a Cannabis Farmer. Here’s how it works: 10 community members gather with a cannabis farmer, who fields questions and concerns from attendees in a relaxed and congenial environment, around a large dining table drinking coffee and enjoying pastries. So far, the kaffeeklatsch has been very popular and waiting lists have become necessary. 

“KopSun’s mission is to educate consumers on this long misunderstood and much maligned plant so they may have the confidence to purchase products for themselves and their families,” said Tina Fanucchi-Frontado, KopSun CEO. “Coffee with a Cannabis Farmer is a natural extension of our Leaf Learning classes.” 

In session for close to two years, the company’s Leaf Learning program is more traditional in style with lecture, Q&A, guest speakers, and video with the basic Leaf Learning course taking about 2 hours. KopSun began its educational programming in Carpinteria and has expanded its footprint with the goal of conducting educational programs all the way to Santa Maria. 

While Leaf Learning focuses on the applications of cannabis, such as help arthritis, insomnia, and other disorders, Coffee with a Cannabis Farmer is about cultivating the plant. Botany and logistics are common topics, but discussions at the kaffeeklatsch are as varied as the attendees and the farmers. 

Though thought to be a no-brainer, education has not been embraced by all. Small, yet vocal, groups object to cannabis on all levels. Two such Santa Barbara County-based anti-cannabis organizations, Concerned Carpinterians and Purple Visors, have vowed numerous times on record at public meetings to challenge or appeal all cannabis cultivation licenses. These groups are believed to be responsible for the cancellation of two Basic CBD and Cannabis courses scheduled for Santa Barbara City College’s School of Extended Learning last fall. The cancellation decision was overturned, and the courses will be taught in February with a more thorough curriculum. 

“We are hoping some of the anti-cannibers will consider attending one of our upcoming Tea & Terpenes events,” said Fanucchi-Frontado. “

About KopSun LLC

Dedicated to health, KopSun LLC supports the cannabis lifestyle with education and empowerment. KopSun is based in Carpinteria, Calif. and is an avid and staunch supporter of its community. For more information, visit www.KopSun.com, email info@KopSun.com, or call (805) 881-1218.

Coffee with a Cannabis Farmer 2020 dates (last Friday of the month)

Jan. 31

Feb. 28

March 27

April 24

May 29

June 26

July 31

Aug. 28

Sept. 25

Oct. 30

Nov. 20 (third Friday due to Thanksgiving Holiday)

Leaf Learning at Carpinteria Woman’s Club 2020 dates

Jan. 22

Feb. 26

March 25

April 22

May 27

June 24

July 22

Aug. 26

Sept. 23

Oct. 28

Nov. -Holiday-

Dec. -Holiday-


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