September 21st, 2018

// Corporate Giant Coca-Cola Wants In On the CBD ‘Wellness Beverage’ Market

Corporate Giant Coca-Cola Wants In On the CBD ‘Wellness Beverage’ Market

Why Wait to Experience Revolutionary CBD Wellness Drinks?

Micro-Encapsulated CBD Beverages

For Those Living  Outdoor, Endurance Sport  & Active Lifestyles,

Seeking Optimal Physical Performance, Muscle Recovery & Overall Wellness

Taste the OleoCBD™ experience of Hydration without the ‘High’
Infused with the most effective water-soluble CBD for endurance athletes, packed with naturally derived vitamins, minerals &  electrolytes, without the counter-effective junk found in your average sports drink or soda.  OLEO  products contain zero THC and therefore are safe for anyone needing to pass drug screening tests.

SEATTLE, WA, SEPT. 20, 2018    OLEO is a CBD ‘wellness beverage’ providing hydration without the 'high'. Containing zero THC and producing no psychoactive 'head high' effect, OLEO products are safe for law enforcement, active military, competitive athletes or anyone needing to pass drug screening tests. With a provisional patent for the powdered cannabinoid formulation method initially filed in 2014, OLEO has been researching and producing micro-encapsulated CBD (powdered water-soluble CBD) beverage mixes for over three years.

Particularly newsworthy timing with Coca-Cola revealing their interest in releasing a CBD wellness beverage earlier this week, your readers will be interested to learn of OLEO’s existing and readily available collection of CBD wellness beverages. Read the full article on Coca-Cola's CBD interest from BNN Bloomberg here.

OLEO’s lightweight, single-serving stick packs - perfect to toss in a purse, athletic bag or hiking pack - make on-the-go hydration and your daily dose of CBD a breeze.  Consumer-ready products include OLEO’s Coconut Water Mix, three flavors of the antioxidant-packed Rooibos Tea Mix (a caffeinated Raspberry and two caffeine-free flavors, Passion Fruit & Tangerine), and the flavorless Original Mix that can be blended seamlessly into any drink or meal, all with 25mg of water-soluble OleoCBD™ per serving. OLEO products can now be purchased nationwide by visiting and range in price from $3.75 to $90 depending on serving size.

OLEO’s patent-pending cannabis technology will drive the future of mainstream CBD consumption. The revolutionary micro-encapsulation method delivers water-soluble CBD into their collection of powdered beverage mixes allowing for heightened bioavailability, or bodily absorption, when compared to existing CBD oils, tinctures, capsules and edibles currently on the market. Further clinical study results regarding micro-encapsulation will be released in late 2018 as per the OLEO team’s research influence and efforts.

If you'd like to learn more, check out the OLEO Product Press Release here.

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“Perform better, recover faster.” @OLEOlife

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About the Company

OLEO, Inc. is a biotechnology company thoughtfully designing fast-acting, water-soluble CBD products with purpose and intention for the active lifestyle community. OLEO offers a collection of powdered beverages infused with their active ingredient OleoCBD™, including an all-natural Coconut Water Mix, an antioxidant Rooibos Tea Mix, and a flavorless CBD powder called Original Mix.  OleoCBD™ is created with a patent-pending micro-encapsulation technology that masks any bitter aftertaste and showcases its effects within 20 minutes. With a provisional patent for the powdered cannabinoid formulation method filed in 2014, OLEO, Inc. was founded quickly thereafter in 2015 and began mass-producing micro-encapsulated cannabinoids for the hemp & cannabis markets by 2017. OLEO plays a tremendous role in the advancement of cannabinoid technology, testing standards, and consumer product offerings, helping to make the cannabinoid and plant medicine industry more trusted, beneficial and approachable for all.


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