June 2nd, 2021

// COVID-19 has put Cadila Healthcare at the forefront of innovation in India, says GlobalData

COVID-19 has put Cadila Healthcare at the forefront of innovation in India, says GlobalData 

Cadila Healthcare Ltd. is among the leading players in India which focuses on bringing in-house developed innovative therapies for patients. Cadila Healthcare has developed a diversified COVID-19 portfolio among the Indian players through in-house development and licensing opportunities. In line with this, the COVID-19 situation has put Cadila Healthcare at the forefront of innovation in India, says GlobalData, a leading data analytics and research company. 

According to GlobalData’s ‘Pharmaceutical Intelligence Center’ (as of 27 May 2021), Cadila Healthcare’s COVID-19 portfolio includes one repurposed marketed drug and ‘seven in-house’ candidates in the pipeline, including two in Phase III, one each in Phase II and Phase I and three candidates in preclinical development.  

Recently, its repurposed drug Virafin (peginterferon alfa-2b) received approval in India for the treatment of moderate cases of COVID-19. However, its vaccine ZyCoV-D, currently in Phase III (emergency approval filing expected within the next few weeks), is expected to play a crucial role in India’s vaccination drive following emergency approval. 

In the past, Cadila Healthcare launched Lipaglyn (saroglitazar), a novel first-in-class molecule to treat diabetic dyslipidemia, hypertriglyceridemia, type 2 diabetes, and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and is the first drug to secure approval for NASH in India. Moreover, it became the first company to launch Humira’s (adalimumab) biosimilar in India. 

Prashant Khadayate, Pharma Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Cadila Healthcare has consistently focussed on innovation through its own research and development capabilities. The launch of India’s first innovative therapy Lipaglyn is credited to Cadila Healthcare. Additionally, the company has launched biosimilars of complex biologics in India ahead of other companies. Cadila has leveraged COVID-19 opportunities as fuel to enhance its innovation engine.”  

To further strengthen its position within the COVID-19 market, the company has recently applied to the Indian regulatory body, the Drugs Controller General of India, to conduct clinical trials of ZRC-3308, which is a cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies to treat mild COVID-19 patients.  

Cadila had initially partnered with Gilead for remdesivir commercialization in 127 countries, including India. In the latest deal, it has partnered with TLC to commercialize AmphoTLC (Amphotericin B Liposome for Injection 50mg) in India to treat black fungus or mucormycosis, which has emerged as a post-COVID-19 complication in India. 

Mr Khadayate concludes: “Cadila Healthcare is the only company in India with its own in-house developed vaccine and treatments for COVID-19. The company has focused on the entire COVID-19 patient journey through its marketed and pipeline drugs, including treatment for mild, moderate, and severe patients and a COVID-19 vaccine, along with a focus on COVID-19 associated mucormycosis.

“The company has tapped existing opportunities within the COVID-19 space by quickly acting through its research and development efforts and partnerships. This innovation-driven model should certainly bring long-term growth and would help Cadila Healthcare differentiate from other Indian players in the long run.”


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