May 26th, 2020

// CraftBot Canada successfully initiates a #3DPrintToProtect movement to empower communities and frontline workers

CraftBot Canada successfully initiates a #3DPrintToProtect movement to empower communities and frontline workers

Network of partnerships allows for 3D printing of PPE for frontline workers and employees

TORONTO, May 26, 2020 /CNW/ - As Canadian businesses look to reopen this week, CraftBot Canada has launched a #3DPrintToProtect initiative with hospitals and other distribution partners to help frontline workers and employees better protect themselves.

CraftBot began this initiative to fight COVID-19 by redirecting resources to setup a unique Rapid Local Manufacturing (RLM) farm concept consisting of 12 3D printers printing and manufacturing thousands of face shields, all within a two week timeframe. The RLM farm produced over 5,000 shields, which were given away to local Hungarian hospitals and businesses to help protect their frontline workers. With the RLM concept proving effective and impactful, the initiative was then shared with distributors in various countries to empower them through hardware and software support in their local fight.

With the continuing need for personal protective equipment (PPE) globally, this initiative has quickly grown to become a movement with partnerships at various levels looking to support companies to hospitals to communities. Here is how CraftBot is directly influencing a positive change for Canadians:

  • Hospitals: Working with the Lynn and Arnold Irwin Advanced Perioperative Imaging Lab (APIL) at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, University Health Network, recognized as the largest health research organization in Canada, to support the mass production of face shields for frontline healthcare workers and provide an additional printer to supplement APIL's printing hub for urgently needed parts for emergency ventilation systems. 
  • Distributors: Providing a 3D printer and 500 face shields to a Canadian based 3D Printer national distributor and reseller, with complimentary support in the production of PPE for anyone requiring it.
  • Retailers/Communities: Setting up an RLM centre at the 3D reseller Digitmakers to help their employees manufacture PPE for the University Health Network hospitals and others that require it.

"The CraftBot culture is all about family and innovation, and now more than ever we need to come together," says John Kassis, VP Commercial for CraftBot. "This is an important initiative as face shields and PPE become the safest and fastest way to give the public confidence to return to a sense of normalcy." 

"CraftBot has been integral to the network of businesses and community groups that underpins our current efforts to meeting PPE needs of frontline healthcare workers," shared Azad Mashari, Staff Anesthesiologist and Director of APIL at University Health Network. "Their generosity, professionalism and high quality systems have been a major boost to our projects."

"We are pleased of the engagement of Craftbot with and their contribution in face shields and making their Flow printer available to support us in PPE production," stated Ken Wan, General Manager of "This is helping us in our initiative to directly support the frontline workers."

As part of this initiative, CraftBot has developed a special toll free number and web site to assist anyone that may need PPE or who are interested in helping print their own to help the community. Contact 647-428-2760, follow #3DPrintToProtect, or visit for further details.

"Our goal is to help make PPE available so that anyone at home can purchase a 3D printer and help with this movement to #3DPrintToProtect," added John Kassis. "We want all businesses to know that we are here to help them, whether it's with PPE's, rapid local manufacturing or just to help someone new into 3D printing. While we are acting locally within Canada, we have similar initiatives running within Germany, Hungary, the UK, and the U.S. to make this a truly global movement."

The multi-award-winning CraftBot 3D printers have set the industry standard for quality and performance for both beginners and advanced users. 

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