November 21st, 2017

// Crawford Street, Natural Skin Care, Opens NEW lab in Toronto

Crawford Street, Natural Skin Care, Opens NEW lab in Toronto


-- Protect your skin naturally this winter with these four NEW and all-natural products --


Crawford Street Natural Skin Care® reinvents itself, in the new Toronto lab, with a transformed line of skin care offering: plant-based, hi-end products in unique, efficient and environmentally friendly packaging. Crawford Street is well known and appreciated for its all-natural, high quality, and hypo-allergenic skin products.


Canadian winters can wreak havoc on the skin: windy, cold, dry outside temperatures combined with hot, dry or damp indoors conditions. Winter naturally invites relaxation, renewal and rejuvenation. Crawford Street welcomes winter with a NEW survival kit containing four new products including mineral baths, deodorant, body oil and cuticle oil - all in environmentally responsible glass packaging.


“I am excited about the new and all-natural formulas. Our customers want quality products, environmentally friendly options, catchy names and unique packaging. Crawford Street products work well and look beautiful on the shelf”, said Gaelyne Leslie, Founder of Crawford Street Skin Care.


Mineral Baths ($25): Soak away your winter blues with a relaxing mineral bath.

Crawford Street introduces three new mineral baths: Detox, Relax and Steam. Each contains high quality Dead Sea salts, and a carefully selected combination of therapeutic essential oils, to cleanse the body, unwind or soothe tired muscles.


Natural Deodorant ($10): A all-natural deodorant that works! Be prepared for everything winter throws: shovelling the drive, hitting the slopes or cozying up by the fire. When the heat is on, be prepared!


Crawford Street’s natural, HARD WORKING, deodorant cream contains a power packed combo of essential oils - all anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and deodorizing. It combines wetness absorbing cornstarch that will keep you smelling fresh all day! There is no aluminum, propylene glycol, phalates, or parabens but instead it contains beneficial botanical plant oils that deodorizes and kills bacteria. New scents include: Herbes de Provence inspired by the fields of Southern France; lavender essential oil, rosemary, marjoram, parsley and thyme creating a delightfully herbaceous scent, Woods, an earthy blend, includes cedarwood, juniper and clove, it’s a bit woodsy and a bit spicy but appeals to women as much as men. Think “Old Spice”!


Body Oil ($45): After a nice soak, indulge in a little self-care. The simple application of oil has an amazing effect on the body and the mind. Body oils offer an intensely hydrating treatment for the skin, as they help lock in moisture and are quickly absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin keeping it moisturized longer than any lotion.

Toning and Smoothing Cypress Body Oil is the perfect way to combat dry skin caused by the harsh winter elements.  Carefully selected essential oils, in a base of grapeseed oil, will gently detoxify congested layers of skin tissue, improving skin tone and texture, while at the same time deeply moisturizing the skin.


Cuticle Serum ($25): Hands and nails take a beating in the winter due to lack of humidity, dry and cold air, along with repeated polish changes during the holiday season.  Serums don’t need to be limited to just the face. This luxurious Cuticle Serum, infused with Rose Otto and Borage Oil, delivers a deeply protein-rich treatment that will keep your cuticles healthy and soft, and it also smells divine!



Crawford Street Skin Care was founded in 2010 after owner Gaelyne Leslie had a severe allergic reaction to a commercial brand of face moisturizer. Her background as an investigative journalist led her to research the long list of ingredients in her moisturizer and the whole experience left her horrified, she having extremely sensitive skin.  As a result, she started to experiment with natural ingredients, eventually coming up with a moisturizer that was not only 100 percent natural, but it really worked! Friends noticed her glowing, smooth skin and soon she was whipping up cream for them too.

As a journalist, Gaelyne was committed to quality, integrity and education. She brings this same commitment to her skin care line. “I believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. And what is left out, is as important as what is mixed in.”

Every ingredient included in the product is carefully researched and chosen for its unique properties. Gaelyne is always looking for the best plant-based ingredients she can find for her customers. She always chooses fair-trade, sustainable and organic ingredients when available.

Today Crawford Street Skin Care products are produced in small batches in our laboratory on Crawford Street in Toronto. We take special care to ensure that each product arrives to you as fresh as possible.

Crawford Street Skin Care products are 100% natural. They are free of petrochemical derivatives, such as mineral oil and petroleum, PEGs, Parabens, DEA, Sodium Laurel Sulphate, artificial dyes and fragrances, chemical preservatives.


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