January 5th, 2017

// Creating a healthy workplace maximizing team happiness and productivity

Creating a healthy workplace maximizing team happiness and productivity

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Those who embrace omens and adhere rules could pursue eternal workplace happiness. As in, it is the uncertainty of success which eventually lead even ‘The Kid’ to the far-side………


The Alchemy of workplace happiness


Rule #1. Draw a line for Rumor ----- of, course. One must.


Rumors tend to have a merger-effect on people. Based on situation, the same rumor can evoke laughter or bring about a molehill out of a molecule. And, moreover, most rumors tend to circle around leaders thus making grievance management a virtue of good leadership. Of, course. One must.


Rule #2. Embrace the odd showmanship


The HR should keep a watch on showmen whose hobby is to self-efface humorous stories. They should interfere if deemed, and differentiate good humor Vs. bad humor based on situations. And, embrace timely and appropriate reaction to humor sense for the cross-cultural Corporates or Office quorum.


Rule #3. Fulfill Self-Actualization Goals


Work satisfaction stems from the fulfillment, or the lack of it, of self-actualization goals. For that, the company HR should build a sizeable team of talent hunters who knows how to track careers. And, tackle professional ego without much personnel discretion.


Rule #4. Make HRM a Zero-Sum Game.


Best of HR makes Human Resource Management a zero-sum game it is being said. Meaning they must meet the economies of staffing and training and development, and form a healthy sync with clients. This would enact both the Company policy w.r.t financials, and an HR’s duty of employee motivation.


Rule #5.  Allow seamless communication.

For that, there are many options like having an “Open Door Policy” in place. Empowering team leaders who knows their team inside-out. Providing platforms - Corporate Games - to break the railings in one-on-one discussions. And least of all set a benchmark between expectation and reality, performance and ‘post-truth.’


Rule #6. Provide Entertainment Value


Office ergonomics have influenced even SMEs (Small and Medium Scale Enterprises). And, thus, corporates are forced to invest on tawdry furniture which may add to the employee discomfort. Although, for a healthy workplace one must sacrifice money to simply buy the best branded furniture or suchlike. And, provide a couch for employees to endure long working hours. (Note: Ergonomics mean space and comfort.)


Rule #7. Mend outdated rules and regulations.


If a rule is in-sync with the new-millennials nobody would question its practicality. Here is an outdated rule as prescribed by NRLB - “Employees are not allowed to take unauthorized pictures” it says.

Of, course. The 2016 version of the same rule shall be apostrophe-d “Taking selfies on bathrooms are strictly prohibited.”

If anything happens, this would bring home clarity of thought and keep judgment to within confined limits.


Why Happiness Matters?


We keep hearing outrageous excuses to leaving one’s job to concur dreams. In fact, if you connect those excuses you could see an irony…….


(A) I quit job to confine myself with VR gaming.


(B) To Travel around the world!


Bottom line is it is the engagement, or the lack of it, which gives a healthy and productive work place from both an Individualistic point of view, and holistic. The takeaway from this blog should be plain and simple. You can maximize team happiness and productivity by limiting rumor (#1) with proper rules and regulations in place (#7) that has a tinge of humor in it (#2). And, by fulfilling self-actualization goals (#3) with tactical HR management (#4). The byproduct of it all would give you some entertainment value at the workplace (#6) it shall be deemed. Welcome Feedbacks. Thank You.


Author- bio: Levin George is a Search Engine Optimizer at OfficeRock.com. He actively pursues interests related to latest internet marketing trends. He spends his leisure time reading, meditating and enjoying the joys of technology.



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