August 31st, 2016

// Curb Your Junk Food Cravings

Junk food

Are you like me and crave sugary treats? I grew up with my grand parents. My great grand parents lived next door. I definitely was spoiled. You can curb those cravings.

Knowing why and when your cravings occur can help you prepare to deal with them. Whether you are changing your environment to experience them less often or are developing ways to respond differently, it is possible to overcome most junk food desires. Here are a few ways to set yourself up for success:

1. Get enough sleep Getting enough sleep is very important. When you are tired or bored you tend to reach for a snack to keep you entertained or to satisfy you. If you are well rested you are more likely to make a better decision.

2. Plan Your Meals and Prep them. Prepping your meals in advance can keep you from reaching for bad foods. Having meals every 2-3 hours also ensures you never go too long without eating and never leaves you in a pinch grabbing something quickly from a store.

3. Don't Keep Junk In The House. First identify the foods you are reaching for when you are snacking. Then make sure to rid your house of them. You don't need to keep them around if you can't control yourself. You are more likely to reach for a healthier alternative if they aren't in your house.

4. Drink Water. Often times we confuse hunger with dehydration. Next time you feel snacky, grab some water and chug it down. This may fill you up and you may have just been thirsty and not hungry for a snack.

5. Stay Accountable. Put a dollar into a jar every time you crave something but don't give into the craving. At the end of the week, month etc cash it in and do something nice for yourself like a movie or some shopping!

You got this! Be strong young grasshopper! Don't give in to the cravings.


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