January 19th, 2021

// Disease Experts Address Mistrust and Misinformation Among Black Adults to Increase Update of COVID-19 and Flu Vaccines

Disease Experts Address Mistrust and Misinformation Among Black Adults to Increase Update of COVID-19 and Flu Vaccines

For Friday February 5: From 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM EASTERN

Recent surveys show that in the US, Black adults are more worried about co-infection with COVID-19 and influenza (flu) than White and Hispanic adults. However, despite this concern, a large percentage of Black adults say they will not get a COVID-19 vaccine when eligible, and they are either unsure about getting or will not get a flu vaccine this season. This reflects a long history of mistrust of the healthcare system and misinformation around vaccination that healthcare professionals must address.

With COVID-19 vaccinations now underway, the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) is set to release the latest survey results on beliefs and attitudes toward vaccination against flu and COVID-19 among US Black adults.

While there has been progress in flu vaccine uptake across the US, there is still a critical need to increase the number of people getting vaccinated, especially in communities of color who bear a disproportionate burden of serious flu-related illness and are also disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

NFID President Patricia N. Whitley-Williams, MD, says, “In the midst of the pandemic, we need to continue to focus on increasing vaccination rates among those who are at higher risk of severe complications from COVID-19 and flu, including Black adults, many of whom have chronic health conditions that put them at greater risk. We need to understand and acknowledge concerns among communities of color, so that we, as healthcare professionals, can help build trust in vaccines.”

On Friday, February 5, Dr. Whitley-Williams will be available to discuss the persistent gaps and racial disparities in vaccination coverage. She will review the new NFID survey findings and explain the urgent need to encourage individuals to get vaccinated against both flu and COVID-19.


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