September 12th, 2018

// DNAPower Review And Promo Code for @dnapowerinc

Hey guys! As you know I only recommend products that I have tried and truly believe in. And I can definitely say DNAPower is a great gene testing kit.

I was recently sent a DNA testing kit from DNAPower. The test was really simple and I sent it back promptly. They were great at letting me know the status of the test at all times until the results were finished. I had the TotalPower test. This is the full test kit.

TotalPower DNA testing includes:

  • dietPower
  • fitPower
  • brainPower
  • detoxPower
  • hormonePower
  • InflamPower
  • MethyPower 

According to their site you "learn all you can about your genetic makeup so you can take action to be the healthiest you can be. Know how your body works and personalize your fitness routine and nutrition in a way that will maximize your health. This fully comprehensive package will provide you with actionable health guidance based on the relationship between nutrition, lifestyle and your genes to achieve lifelong gains in your health and wellness."

“With the information learned in the totalPower test, we were able to come up with a health and fitness plan that would be the most effective for my body. What a difference. It’s like having the blueprints to your foundation and knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are. ~ Daniele”

Easy To Understand Results

Each report provides a summary of the health area included, the significance of those areas, the key gene(s) tested, and tips to take Power over your Health.

Once I received my results I had a loo myself. Since I have a Kinesiology background and vast experience through training clients of reading reports I fully understood about 75% of the information. Some of it I did not as it is related to my genes. But it is safe to say that the results were the best out of any DNA test that I have done (I have done 2 others). It was so detailed and really relevant to my preps. Full of information that I will be implementing. On top of this they did a phone call with me explaining the results and if I had any questions. We went over each test and it took about an hour.

The three things that I took away from the report were that I did to supplement with complex B vitamins for inflammation more, I process carbohydrates well which is good to know (especially for my preps) and I should also supplement Omegas more because my body does. not processes them well. So if I take more it will have a better effect. All of these things are great to know for my competition preps and I find it very valuable. I cannot thank DNAPower enough for this test as I will implement these things immediately into my supplementation.

They gave me a promo code for you guys: TRAINITRIGHT
This will give you free shipping (value $19.99).

Please have a look at what they offer. If you are my client this could be really relevant to a successful prep I feel. Although not necessary but the more information we have about you the more successful your prep can be. and their product page -

Their social handle is dnaPower Inc.


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