June 29th, 2021

// Dr. Catherine C. McCuaig becomes New President of Canadian Dermatology Association

Dr. Catherine C. McCuaig becomes New President of Canadian Dermatology Association

OTTAWA, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Catherine C. McCuaig to the position of CDA President, effective June 28, 2021.

Dr. McCuaig brings to the Association her impressive leadership experience as seen in the Society for Dermatology of Montreal as president for nine years, chair of the Atlantic Dermatology meeting 2014, co-chair of the Canadian Lymphedema Framework, and fellowship director Sainte Justine UHC since 2013. In addition, Dr. McCuaig has spearheaded two multidisciplinary clinics in epidermolysis bullosa and lymphedema for children in Montreal. Dr. McCuaig has also authored over one hundred peer reviewed articles as well as 10 dermatology textbook chapters.

Dr. McCuaig earned her medical doctorate at Queens University, Kingston. She completed her residency training at University of Toronto, dermatology at McGill University, with a pediatric fellowship in dermatology and laser under Dr. James Rasmussen at the University of Michigan. Dr. McCuaig is currently a pediatric dermatologist at Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center, and a clinical professor at the University of Montreal.

As President, Dr. McCuaig plans to focus on enhancing the life long dermatology medical specialty training in Canada. “I will work to ensure that education for residents and practicing dermatologists remains at the forefront of our Association.”

“Through the pandemic, we have learned how privileged we are to live in Canada, thanks to its public health care system, and governments that aid those in need…Evermore, we have learned how important it is to support each other, and grow through the exchange of ideas, practical tips, and knowledge in dermatology,” said Dr. McCuaig. “In addition, I will work hard to help the CDA be more active on social media platforms, as well as help to promote our specialty to our colleagues, media, and Canadian public.”

Dr. McCuaig begins as President, Canadian Dermatology Association for a one-year term, effective June 28, 2021.


The Canadian Dermatology Association, founded in 1925, represents Canadian certified dermatologists. The association provides easy access to a reliable source of medical knowledge on dermatology. CDA exists to advance the science and art of medicine and surgery related to the care of the skin, hair and nails; provide continuing professional development for its members; support and advance patient care; provide public education on sun protection and other aspects of skin health; and promote a lifetime of healthier skin, hair and nails. By doing so, CDA informs and empowers both medical professionals and the Canadian public. To learn more about what the work CDA does visit dermatology.ca and join the conversation on twitter.com/CdnDermatologyfacebook.com/CdnDermatology, or instagram.com/canadiandermatologyassociation/.


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