October 2nd, 2020

// Dr. David Shokrian: Cosmetic Surgery is Booming in the Age of COVID

Dr. David Shokrian: Cosmetic Surgery is Booming in the Age of COVID  

With more people staying at home than ever before over the past few months, Dr. David Shokrian, a renowned NYC plastic surgeon, has seen something unexpected.
“Post-COVID, there has been a big surge in cosmetic plastic surgery,” says Shokrian, owner of Millennial Plastic Surgery. “Everything from Botox and fillers to liposuction and tummy tucks. Even though people are going out less, they still want to look their best.”
There are multiple reasons for this. One of the factors that patients often bring up to Dr. Shokrian is displeasure with the way they look on Zoom calls. During a time when a large number of people are taking to the internet — to do business, to socialize with friends and family, and even to date — video calls can highlight features that they’d prefer to have fixed. 
Another factor? With gyms closed and stress levels at an all-time high, people have gotten out of their usual fitness routines and are starting to notice the effects. Cosmetic surgery offers them a way to look and feel their best — and with fast results. 
The past several months have found people spending less time and money on travel, concerts, and dining out. Many folks have found themselves at home with money to spend on improving themselves with procedures such as body contouring or facial rejuvenation. An added plus? All that time at home gives them ample time and privacy to recover. 
Dr. Shokrian, a pioneer in fat grafting, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation, has also noticed a big emotional shift in his patients since the pandemic began. 
“The coronavirus crisis has changed the way many people approach life and the way they feel about themselves,” he said. “This pandemic has made people re-examine and re-prioritize. One of the things I’m hearing from so many patients is ‘Life is short. I want to live my best life now.’”
As a plastic surgeon, Dr. David Shokrian is proud to be able to help them do that. From breast augmentations and butt lifts to face lifts, lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty, he uses the latest cutting-edge technology to assist patients in getting the results they want. Best of all, he’s pleased to be able to do it in a manner that keeps everyone safe — offering at-home virtual consultations and employing the use of temperature checks and face masks for in-office visits.
“I’ve seen the immense psychological boost that cosmetic plastic surgery can have for my patients even during normal times,” Dr. Shokrian said. “During a time that has been challenging for so many, we’re pleased that patients are coming to us to take steps to becoming the best version of themselves.” 


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