January 14th, 2017

// Eating Healthy And On A Plan Is Empowering

Eating Healthy And On A Plan Is Empowering

So this in between time that I had from the end of my last competition until starting my new prep at 21 weeks out was strange. For so long I had always had a meal plan to follow with a cheat given to me every weekend. It was a pattern. I had gotten use to it. I enjoyed it. Although for quite some time I have to admit I was resistant to it. In the beginning I felt deprived. And honestly I look back at it and it was mostly because I follow a lot of IIFYM people online. Although I am a firm believer there is not just one way to achieve goals IIFYM is not for everyone. For me personally - Following Macros is great if you like flexibility, are good with numbers and are organized. I also find that a lot of IIFYM focus more on macros and not micros and personally I think its ridiculous to count vegetables as carbs. I don't even track vegetables. ANYWAYYYY enough ranting....Eating Healthy And On A Plan Is Empowering.

Why? Because I know what I need to eat, when I need to eat it and exactly how much. Ive never been good with numbers so I don't have to stress out about them. I don't have to calculate and take time out of my day to figure out meals.  But for me its also helpful in a social setting. I can order exactly what I need. I can also easily pack meals for travel. Its simple. My coach does the work and I do the work in the real world.

Its also empowering. How? I go to events or a restaurant I have self control and make healthy choices based on my plan. I also find it more rewarding to follow my plan all week and reward myself with a cheat on the weekends. Its even better to enjoy the cheat with my boyfriend than shoving some terrible snack down my throat. Its simple: follow the plan. Get the results. Deviating from the plan you are only cheating yourself.

I was at one vent recently and saw all these people eating multiple muffins because they were labelled "organic" and "healthy." This was probably furthest from the truth though. All I could think of was yummmmmy but then I thought "you know what...abs are more of a reward than the quick little taste." Health over quick satisfaction with no rewards is so powerful.  Was I always like this? No. It takes mental toughness. Am I sometimes weak? Yes. Im not perfect. But when I make the best decision I am a happier and healthier person.

If you need help and are willing to follow a plan I am precision nutrition certified and would love to help you reach your goals. Send me an email: alicia@trainitright.com or head on over to my site: www.trainitright.com/contact



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