November 6th, 2019

// Eczema Society of Canada releases “A Day with Eczema” video in recognition of Eczema Awareness Month

Eczema Society of Canada releases "A Day with Eczema" video in recognition of Eczema Awareness Month

Video takes an intimate look into the life of a chronic eczema sufferer

TORONTO, Nov. 5, 2019 /CNW/ - November is Eczema Awareness Month, and to mark the occasion, Eczema Society of Canada (ESC) has launched "A Day with Eczema" - an intimate look into the life of a chronic eczema sufferer.

The video follows Tanya Mohan, a lifelong eczema sufferer and ESC volunteer, from the moment she wakes up, to the moment she goes to sleep. It explores how eczema can be constant and unrelenting, and how it impacts every facet of her daily life. 

"I often tell (people) I feel itchy probably once or twice every single hour of every single day, 365 days of the year. It's constantly on my mind." - Tanya Mohan, "A Day with Eczema"

Tanya is one of many Canadians who live with atopic dermatitis (commonly known as eczema), a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by dry, red, intensely itchy skin that can crack, ooze, and bleed.

The goal of "A Day with Eczema" is to demonstrate the true burden of the condition, and how pervasive it can be for individuals who live with it each day.  Further, it aims to show the general public, healthcare providers, and healthcare decision makers the burden of this disease, current gaps in care, and needs of the patient community. 

"Eczema is too often minimized or seen as nothing more than just dry skin, but the hard truth is that there are many Canadians who struggle deeply with the daily skin care routines, nonstop cycles of flares, and the incessant itch and pain that can accompany this condition," says Amanda Cresswell-Melville, Executive Director of Eczema Society of Canada. "Our video aims to start a conversation and show the world what eczema sufferers live with, and that they deserve to be seen and heard." 

ESC plans to share stories like Tanya's in their meetings with government officials and health agencies responsible for improving access to new eczema therapies and treatments. "Recent research and treatment breakthroughs are bringing new hope to patients and their families; however, these advancements won't help if the people who need them most can't afford or access them," says Cresswell-Melville. "By showing decision makers the realities of living with this condition, we hope they will make choices that support and help to improve the lives of patients and their families."

For those who want to get involved, ESC invites Canadians to share the video on social media and include the hashtag #ADaywithEczema when commenting or sharing their eczema stories.

For more information, visit and watch the video here.

SOURCE Eczema Society of Canada


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