September 9th, 2020

// Ella Paradis Asks: Will You Wear a Mask Post Pandemic?

Ella Paradis Asks: Will You Wear a Mask Post Pandemic?

New Study Finds Only 6%  Believe People Should Wear a Mask During Intercourse 

Miami, FL - Ella Paradis, a trusted source for adult products, released a new study today examining whether Americans will listen to recent health guidelines for safe sex during COVID19, including wearing a mask during intercourse. The answers from our diverse correspondents may surprise you!

 While nearly 55% of correspondents (54% men/43% female) do not believe one should wear a mask post-pandemic, 83% of our correspondents say they will not follow this new health guideline.  Plus, only 18% said they would get tested for COVID19 within 5-7 days after sexual intercourse with a new partner. 

 “During quarantine we saw a healthy spike in sales, showing us that sexual pleasure is a fundamental part of mental & physical wellbeing. The strain COVID-19 put on many people’s romantic lives is not something people will want to experience again. The data lines up with our theory that people are not willing to give up sex, but will step into this area more cautiously than previously,” explained Ella Paradis CEO, Tino Dietrich.

"Despite the evidence suggesting that wearing a facial mask may help to minimize further spread of COVID-19,” says Relationship Therapist and Owner of  Megan Harrison.  “I don't believe people will change their romantic lifestyle so significantly by wearing masks during sex. The mouth is the center of many of the fundamental components of human activity. Consumption, speech, the breath, communication, kissing - all of which play an important role within intimate relationships. Masks would drastically alter the experience and I fail to see how people would have the discipline to wear them," remarked Megan Harrison, Relationship Therapist and founder of

Key findings:

  • Only 6% of correspondents believe people should wear masks during intercourse post pandemic
  • 57% of correspondents would still have sex with a partner even if they couldn’t kiss or face their partner during intercourse
  • 54% do not believe wearing a mask will help prevent the spread of COVID19
  • Only 5% of correspondents will wear masks during sex post pandemic. 83% won’t
  • 40% will wait longer to have sex with a partner post pandemic than they did in the past.
  • People are more concerned about contracting a STI/STD (26%) than contracting COVID19 (19%) from sexual intercourse 
  • 38% of correspondents believe the pandemic has or will hurt their romantic connections
  • Only 24% of those surveyed will change their dating habits post pandemic 


This survey was conducted from June 11-16, 2019, among a national sample of 1,160 U.S. adults between the ages of 18-55.   


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