November 30th, 2015

// #empoweredathlete – The Accidental Athlete – Review

 The Accidental Athlete - Review

Accidental Athlete

Author Stephanie Atwood specializes in health and wellness books and products. Stephanie Atwood has a M.A. In Communications and is certified as a Run Coach, Trainer, and Nutritionist (sounds like someone else you might know hehehe).  Anyway she has an "Empowered Athlete Series." I recently had the opportunity to read "The Accidental Athlete."

If you are a runner or any type of athlete what so ever you will find that this is very relatable. It is also a quick read with a great message, Stephanie the author describes her experience finding and holding onto the lifeline that is movement! As a fellow accidental athlete, her story is a reminder of how far many of us have come through fitness and community.

You can find the book here:

Thanks for the great read Stephanie.


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