May 16th, 2017

// Ener-C Announces NSF Non-GMO True North Certification

Ener-C Announces NSF Non-GMO True North Certification

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Pauling Labs, the maker of Ener-C multivitamin drink mix, is extremely proud to announce that Ener-C has achieved NSF Non-GMO True North certification of all ingredients.

Since the birth of the brand in 2013, their goal has always been to attain third party certification of Ener-C's non-GMO status. Although Ener-C has always been non-GMO, they hold a firm belief that if you claim it you need to verify it by a respected third party. Pauling Labs chose to work with NSF True North because they are an internationally recognized verification and testing organization.

Ener-C Power Up The Taste
Ener-C Power Up The Taste
NSF Certified Products all carry this logo
NSF Certified Products all carry this logo

Since 1955, NSF has been committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide.  Athletes who wish to compete in the Olympics and world sporting events can only take NSF certified supplements.  "NSF is the gold standard for all supplement testing worldwide, which is why we decided to go with NSF's True North Non-GMO testing regime for Ener-C," said Richard Pollock, President, Pauling Labs.

Pollock and his team believe that consumers have the right to know what's in their products and have the right to make the healthiest decisions when purchasing those products.  Although there continues to be a debate over the health effects of GMO ingredients, Pollock believes there should be no question as to who owns the seeds and plants: Mother Earth, not corporations.  "Pauling Labs and Ener-C are committed to continually doing better and improving the lives of our consumers, our employees, and our communities," said Pollock.

About Ener-C and Pauling Labs: 
Ener-C is a multivitamin drink mix made with real fruit powders that was created to address two important basic human truths.  The first truth is that we are all, by nature, thirsty creatures.  The second is that we all could do with more energy.

There were very few choices out there when it came to finding a product that was healthy, natural, non-GMO,  caffeine and stimulant free, low in sugar, and made by companies consumers could trust and respect. Pauling Labs saw this as an opportunity to create a product people could enjoy taking and feel good about. Pollock stated, "Everything we do at Pauling Labs is based around the belief that we can all be better, do better, and feel better."


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