June 7th, 2021

// EOSERA Informs on Benefits of Nasal Rinsing with New Product: NOSE WELL™

EOSERA Informs on Benefits of Nasal Rinsing with New Product: NOSE WELL™ 

Backed by science, EOSERA educates on the advantages of nasal rinsing. EOSERA’s newest product, NOSE WELL™, is a gravity-fed device used to rinse out the sinus cavities, treating symptoms like congestion.
Fort Worth, TX, June 8th, 2021 - Studies show that rinsing the nasal passages may offer a variety of benefits, including improving sinus-related quality of life. Doctors recommend that anyone with allergies or sinus congestion use a nasal rinse like NOSE WELL to help rapidly clear the nose of allergens and debris. There are no known serious side effects and rinsing the nasal passages can even reduce the amount of medication patients with sinusitis routinely take[1].In addition to helping reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies and sinus congestion, clinical studies show that nasal rinsing devices can also help reduce nasal discomfort and may relieve symptoms of sinus pressure or infections[2]. However, only around 4% of people in the U.S. use a nasal rinse to help manage their allergy, cold, and flu symptoms[3]. NOSE WELL is here to help you breathe easier by removing discomfort and inconvenience from nasal care.EOSERA’S NOSE WELL Nasal Rinsing System uses innovative, gravity-fed technology to make your nasal rinsing process comfortable, easy, and efficient. NOSE WELL rinses your sinuses with a push of a button and eliminates awkward rinsing positions and cumbersome neti pots with its slim, sleek design and ergonomic features. Including 25 premixed packets that mix with distilled water, an ergonomically shaped bottle, and two nozzles (1 slow-flow, 1 regular flow) you have all you need to care for your nose. NOSE WELL Nasal Rinsing System will be available on www.MyNoseWell.com and Amazon in May 2021. How to use NOSE WELL™ Nasal Rinsing System[1] Rabago D et al. Efficacy of daily hypertonic saline nasal irrigation among patients with sinusitis: A randomized controlled trial. The Journal of Family Practice. 2002 Dec; 51(12): 1049-1055.[2] Papsin B, McTavish A. Saline nasal irrigation Its role as an adjunct treatment. Canadian Family Physician. 2003 Feb; 49: 168-173.[3] Succar et al., International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology, 2019
NOSE WELL: when being nosey isn’t a bad thing“NOSE WELL Nasal Rinsing System offers a unique rinsing experience. We tried and tested many types of nasal rinsing devices before developing what we think is revolutionary for the nasal category,” says CEO, Elyse Dickerson.
EOSERA hit it right on the nose with NOSE WELLAbout EOSERAEOSERA®, Inc. is a multi-million-dollar, female-led biotech company committed to developing innovative products that address underserved healthcare needs.


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