November 17th, 2020

// Eosera Solves New-Age Problem: Introducing the EARBUD CLEANING KIT from Eosera, Inc.

Eosera Solves New-Age Problem: Introducing the EARBUD CLEANING KIT from Eosera, Inc.

After nearly a year in development and testing, ear care experts, Eosera, Inc., releases the EARBUD CLEANING KIT—an all-in-one kit that helps you clean your dirty earbuds in no time. The kit will be launching on, Amazon, and in select retail stores nationwide. Equipped with sanitizing wipes, cleaning putty, a perfectly sized magnifying glass, and small, delicate brushes, the EARBUD CLEANING KIT has it all in one reusable storage container.

Fort Worth, TX – November 17th, 2020 – Earwax experts Eosera, Inc.finally has a solution for your dirty, expensive earbuds. Introducing the EARBUD CLEANING KIT—a fully equipped kit that cleans and sanitizes your AirPods and earbuds in minutes. Containing 30 squares of cleaning putty, 10 sanitizing alcohol wipes, a magnifying glass, and 2 delicate brush heads, this EARBUD CLEANING KIT has what you need to get your earbuds back into tip-top shape. Eosera's specially designed the storage container to be reusable and durable for easy traveling and storing. The EARBUD CLEANING KIT launched on November 2nd, 2020, and will launch on Amazon and in select CVS stores across the nation in December 2020.


Buddy up with Eosera’s EARBUD CLEANING KIT—an all-in-one kit that cleans and disinfects your earbuds in minutes.

Since the Pandemic, We Use Earbuds Now More than Ever

With 336 million earbud units sold with an average sales volume increase of 12 million per year(1), the market for this kind of cleaning kit is remarkable. Especially in the age of Zoom and working from home, earbuds are a necessity— everyone needs to clean their earbuds, whether they know it or not. Between online school or work and leisure time, it seems like we’re constantly plugging our ears with plastic earbuds of all kids. That sticky wax that builds up along with dirt, debris, and germs is enough to make anyone squirm. 

With the use of earbuds skyrocketing along with screens due to the pandemic, it’s no wonder they’re so dirty. Business Insider recently reported on a study(2) done to see just how dirty your earbuds are. Out of 22 swabbed earbuds, 2 tested for yeast and 1 tested for a type of bacteria associated with dirt. Bacteria can form and grow on earbuds causing ear infections or ear itchiness. 

The EARBUD CLEANING KIT contains alcohol towelettes to wipe down the outer plastic portion of the earbud for hygienic purposes. In times of COVID-19, you can’t be too careful about disinfecting items that contact the inside of your ears.  


De-gunk your earbuds with Eosera’s EARBUD CLEANING KIT.

Turn Up the Volume 

“The EARBUD CLEANING KIT is a game-changer for how you interact with that technology,” says Elyse Dickerson, CEO of Eosera, Inc. 

The days of using a paperclip or a pencil to scrape off wax from the screen of your earbuds are finally over. Innovation at its finest has changed the way we care for our earbuds. Turn up the volume on your music and videos simply by cleaning the gunk out of your earbuds. See what a difference it can make.


Eosera’s EARBUD CLEANING KIT has everything you need to tune in.

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(2) Pagano, Alyssa. Business Insider. (2019) We had our earbuds tested for bacteria to find out if it’s gross to share headphones.

About Eosera
Eosera, Inc. is a multi-million-dollar, female-led biotech company committed to developing innovative products that address underserved healthcare needs. Eosera operates by putting purpose before profits and is proud to be one of the pioneering companies in a movement called Conscious Capitalism. Eosera offers a comprehensive line of ear care products addressing earwax impaction, ear itch, and routine ear hygiene. Eosera is a multi-award-winning company with a decorated CEO and impressive growth trends. Eosera’s products are currently available in over 13,000 retail drug stores across the nation. For more information, visit


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