November 21st, 2017

// European doctors learn to access the heart from any approach with Baylis devices and expanded training program

European doctors learn to access the heart from any approach with Baylis devices and expanded training program


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TORONTO, Nov. 21, 2017 /CNW/ - Baylis Medical Company Inc. has launched a hands-on workshop in Europe that will train cardiologists on innovative tools that enable access to the heart from any approach. This includes a growing number of procedures that require physicians to use major veins that feed into the heart from above – something the Baylis Medical SupraCross® RF System enables with ease.

Such alternate pathways offer a minimally invasive way to deliver life-saving treatments. Prior to the development of these tools, open heart surgery was the only option available for many high-risk patients.

Following its initial launch in Toronto, Canada, the SupraCross® Workshop has now expanded to Europe, a growing market for this one-of-a-kind technology. The program offers specialized training on the use of the Baylis Medical SupraCross RF System to interventional cardiologists – specialized physicians who provide catheter-based treatment of various heart diseases.

"The SupraCross workshop was excellent," says Dr. Zachary Whinnett, a consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist at Hammersmith Hospital, London UK, who participated in a recent Baylis training workshop in Amsterdam. "The superb hands-on experience with these advanced tools made superior access to the left atrium easy."

Baylis Medical's SupraCross RF System includes a steerable sheath and flexible radiofrequency wire that were designed to achieve controlled and precise transseptal access to the left side of the heart from any approach, including from above the heart. For example, these dedicated tools make it easier for physicians to place a pacemaker lead into the left heart in cases where traditional cardiac resynchronization therapy fails.

"These tools are also used for accessing the heart from the subclavian vein or internal jugular vein above the heart in cases where the lower femoral vein is blocked or does not otherwise have a continuous pathway to the heart," says Chris Bermingham, Team Leader, Clinical Education at Baylis. "This is a technically challenging procedure for even the most skilled physician, unless you have the right tools."

"Baylis is committed to developing innovative solutions that help all patients, particularly those for whom no other medical options are available," says Kris Shah, President of Baylis Medical. "That's why we developed the SupraCross system, and why we are expanding our specialized training program to Europe. We know the importance of offering best-in-class clinical support to physicians who must stay abreast of a constantly evolving medical field."

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