November 2nd, 2021

// Felix Health Becomes the First Canadian Telemedicine Provider to Offer Integrated Digital Mental Health Services

Felix Health Becomes the First Canadian Telemedicine Provider to Offer Integrated Digital Mental Health Services

TORONTO, Nov. 2, 2021 /CNW/ - Game-changing telemedicine platform Felix continues to break down stigma and barriers while paving the way forward for Canadians to receive mental health treatment. The Canadian digital healthcare provider is expanding its current mental health offering to include treating and diagnosing anxiety and depression among Canadians from the comfort of their homes.

A recent survey conducted by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health revealed that 40 percent of Canadians have experienced feelings of anxiety or depression but have never sought medical help. Felix's new digital mental health care experience will allow more Canadians to easily and discreetly access the support they need.

In a world where digital technology and at-home delivery services enable you to get almost anything you want without leaving your couch, the digital mental health space is still quite limited. Felix understands the demand and is dedicated to meeting patients' needs.

Felix's expansion goes beyond prescription renewals and delivery to provide a more integrated healthcare offering. The service will include audio or video visits with a practitioner who provides a diagnosis and treatment, which is then filled, discreetly packaged, and shipped free within 48 hours by an accredited pharmacy. Patients will be eligible for auto-refills to ensure they always have their medication when they need it, which is an ongoing issue for mental health care.

"When initially launching our mental health services, we felt it was our duty to make treatment more accessible. Refilling pre-prescribed medication was the first step, but we wanted to be able to provide more," said Kyle Zien, CEO and Co-Founder of Felix. "Our initial mental health offering was one of our biggest launches to date, and we are proud to expand our services to provide Canadians even more access and control of their mental health needs in a way that is simple, secure and cost-effective."

Felix's mental health diagnoses will be widely available by the end of October and continue to evolve the offerings over the coming months and years through psychotherapy and more. Felix aims to make healthcare more accessible for Canadians and offers healthcare and treatments for other stigmatized issues such as erectile dysfunction, birth control, hair loss, acne, allergies, cold sores/herpes, migraines, and more. For more information, or have a prescription filled, visit 

About Felix

Founded in 2019, Felix is a patient-driven digital healthcare company empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing. We're passionate about building technology and beautiful product experiences to make healthcare more accessible (and maybe even more enjoyable) for all Canadians. Felix is one of Canada's leading end-to-end healthcare platforms, providing online diagnoses, prescription delivery, and ongoing care for birth control, erectile dysfunction, acne, hair loss, herpes, and more.



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