October 24th, 2012

// Fellas can you see your junk?

Summary: Fellas: Can you see your junk?

Name: Bill Briggs NBC News

Category: Lifestyle and Fitness

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Media Outlet: NBC News

Deadline: 2:00 PM EST - 25 October


A UK health survey found that 33% of British men cannot see
their genitals while standing and looking down - a
somewhat-crass (I guess we have to say that) yet oddly effective
way for men to instantly judge their risk of obesity-related
diseases. We're curious whether any U.S. doctors have adopted
this basic check-your-health technique. If you are an MD who
endorses this homer-spun method of self-monitoring health - or,
better, if you have used it with any of your patients - we would
like to interview you by phone or email.

And if you are a guy brave enough to share your tale of using
this same technique to decide that, OK, maybe it's time to the
avoid the buffet, we'd love to speak with you as well for this
online NBC News health story. Email or phone interviews will
work. Thank you.


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