February 12th, 2018

// Fierce Fitness: 4 Steps to a Stronger Core & a Better You

Fierce Fitness: 4 Steps to a Stronger Core & a Better You

The core is one of the largest muscle groups. It helps in supporting your posture, protects some of your abdominal vital organs, and allows you to perform essential lower and upper body movements. A strong and lean core is often an indicator of good muscle health, as the abdomen would usually accumulate fat when the core is weak.

The core muscles consist of the abdominal muscles, obliques, lower back muscles and gluteus. To build strong core muscles, one must learn how to work each part of this group. If you are ready to have a fierce and fit core, here are a few tips to follow.

Single Leg Plank Walk

This exercise works out all of the core muscles when done right. Start by doing a high plank position, completely straight and avoiding to lift your butt. Raise one leg and start walking your hands forward. The extra effort needed to keep your core in the right position with only one leg as a support from the back will strengthen your abdominals. If you have space constraints, you can try a yoga pose by doing a low plank and hold the position for as long as you can.

ISO Chin up with Leg Raise

This next workout is a killer, but it will also make your core and your arms as hard as a rock. By using an isometric bar or ring, lift yourself up while keeping your chin up. Quickly raise your legs to a 90-degree angle and hold it for as long as you can. This will burn the fats surrounding your core muscles, not to mention it will also give your arms a little bit of body weight workout.

Suspension Strap Fallout

The strap fallout move is meant to protect your shoulders yet keep your core engaged. Start by holding on to a suspension strap, but keeping your shoulders down. Extend your arms and start to lean over while keeping your feet in place. Your body will look like a slanted line leaning forward, and this position can work out your core, arms, and upper thighs. Make sure that the straps are secure, too!

Single Arm and Leg Body Saw

Another core killer that’s one for the books is the single arm and leg body saw position. You can start by doing a low plank position. Lift one arm and the opposite leg, slide forward and backward as if you are sawing the ground, at 4-8 counts per side. This position gives double work for the core minus one arm and leg.

A stronger core means a better body, and a better you. Start by doing at least one of these movements, and you are sure to feel the difference by ramping up your core routine.


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