March 20th, 2020

// First Global Livestream to Connect Experts in COVID-19 Summit

First Global Livestream to Connect Experts in COVID-19 Summit

Monday March 23rd 

Free Content over 20 Hours to be Distributed by Facebook and Zoom

NEW YORK, - March 20, 2020 – On Monday, March 23, Boma Global will host COVID-19 Summit, an online 20 hour livestreaming event  about the local and international impacts of COVID-19, convening leading financial, technology and health experts from 10 countries on five continents. This unprecedented virtual event will illuminate the early lessons of this epidemic and explore specific plans of action to address it and is free of charge to the public and members of the media. Facebook and Zoom will make this program available on their platforms at no-cost to all viewers worldwide.

The coronavirus pandemic has become far more than a public health crisis; its effects are far-reaching, from disruption of the global and local economies, education and consumer-facing companies, to its social, physiological and racial implications. 

Confirmed speakers for the Boma COVID-19 Summit feature leaders in the specific fields of microbiology, infectious diseases and bioluminescence, as well as recognized leaders in technology, policy and business. Confirmed speakers include Frédéric BizardDr. Larry BrilliantDr. Daniel KraftDr. Divya ChanderDr. Siouxsie WilesProfessor David Murdoch, and Dr. Rich Kuder

To register for the event, sign up at this LINK.   

Session 1:          New Zealand (Christchurch) 6:00 AM UTC — Monday 3/23
Session 2:          Japan (Tokyo) 8:00 AM UTC — Monday 3/23
Session 3:          China (Beijing) 10:00 AM UTC — Monday 3/23
Session 4:          Canada (Toronto) 12:00 PM UTC — Monday 3/23
Session 5:          India (New Delhi) 2:00 PM UTC — Monday 3/23
Session 6:          Poland (Warsaw) 4:00 PM UTC — Monday 3/23
Session 7:          France (Paris) 6:00 PM UTC — Monday 3/23
Session 8:          Portugal (Porto) 8:00 PM UTC — Monday 3/23
Session 9:          Brazil (Sao Paulo) 10:00 PM UTC — Monday 3/23
Session 10:        U.S. (West Coast) 12:00 AM UTC — Tuesday 3/24

“The Boma network has been designed as a platform to host global conversations that are deeply local at the same time, empowering people and organizations to take meaningful action,” said Lara Stein, co-founder of Boma Global. "Lasting solutions and new protocols cannot be discussed in national silos. But rather require a global conversation of experts of many viewpoints and backgrounds.”

The presentations scheduled include: 

  • “What past medical victories tells us about the path forward” Larry Brilliant M.D., chairman, Ending Pandemics, San Francisco, USA
  • “Designing the physical environment to stop the spread of infectious diseases” David Saladik, health facility architect in Kigali, Rwanda
  • “The path to develop a vaccine” Professor David Murdoch, dean, Otago University, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • “Open source frontline medicine” Bart de Witte, founder digital health academy, Berlin, Germany
  • “Reducing stress: an online meditation” Jason Xu, mindfulness meditation coach, Beijing, China
  • “The psychology of uncertainty” Dr. Rashna E David, psychologist and education consultant, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
  • “What lessons can we learn for our health system?” Frédéric Bizard, founder, the Health Institute, Paris, France
  • “How to identify a viral infection: advances in diagnosis” Dr. Celso Granato, head of Virology at Grupo Fleury, São Paulo, Brazil
  • “Innovation in the time of COVID-19: the state of play” Daniel Kraft M.D., Palo Alto, USA

 “COVID-19 is a global crisis. The mission of the Summit is to create a livestreaming experience that can facilitate knowledge transfer across borders and share carefully curated information,” said Stein. “We want global users to come away with information and actions they can act on in their communities.”

About Boma Global

Boma Global is a global network of local partners offering transformational learning experiences (summits, executive programmes, workshops, etc.) so that, in a world of dramatic and continuous change, we can be more intentional and intelligent about the future. 

Led by Lara Stein, creator of TEDx and former managing director of Singularity University. Boma has eight country partners — France, Germany, New Zealand, China, Canada, Brazil, India and Poland. Boma has joined forces with dozens of country, corporate and community partners with an intimate understanding and appreciation of the power of large-scale, decentralized networks. Together they're creating new global network that supports business leaders, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, young people and grassroots organizers to navigate our rapidly changing world, helping create a better, more sustainable and human centered future for us all.


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