April 7th, 2020

// Fit Radio Makes At-Home Workouts Actually Enjoyable

There's no lack of online workout options right now, but everyone knows music is everything when it comes to genuinely enjoying your workout and staying motivated.  While we're all stuck in our house, Fit Radio is a must-have exercise music app! It's an unparalleled workout experience created by real DJs from Vegas, Miami, and around the globe. It's a real human creating the mix, so sometimes they'll throw in a movie quote or something else fun and interesting. These DJ's create an experience that'll have you hooked in no time - it really is like magic!  Through audio-guided workouts coaches will push you further and cheer you on, while DJs continuously surprise you with kick-ass playlists (there's even a brand new "Quarantine Mix"). Scroll through more than 40 music genres and workouts (like Cycling, Cross-Train, Zumba, Running), or search by track or artist. When it comes to running, Fit Radio features pace matching technology so that each song matches your stride.  The quality of the audio-guided workouts of Fit Radio far surpasses what's currently on the market. Coaches are put through vocal coaching for a month before recording any workout. Every word has a purpose and every word is pre-planned. Coaches only talk when necessary - not just to fill dead air. Perhaps the best part: the music is separate from the audio coach. This means, if you like country music you can listen to that genre with the coach you want. This is the #1 thing that makes Fit Radio different than anything else out there. Plus, Fit Radio lowers the music to just the right level whenever the coach speaks so you can hear what they're saying. Fit Radio works on Android, iPhone and Apple Watch.  Anyone can test it out with a free trial at www.fitradio.com, in the App store or Google Play store. 


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