January 16th, 2017

// Five Pro Athletes to Follow on Social Media Who Will Motivate You to Get Healthy

Five Pro Athletes to Follow on Social Media Who Will Motivate You to Get Healthy


Social media has given fans a chance to feel closer than ever before to the athletes that they love to cheer for. No matter your favorite sport, you will find the following athletes' pages inspirational and interesting as you strive to live a healthier life this year.


J.J. Watt


The defensive end for the Houston Texans has gotten a lot of attention for his Twitter account and the information that he loves to post about his workouts. While there is no doubt that Watt is always out there getting his swell on, some are getting tired of all of the pics that Watt loves to put online whenever he is getting work in. Whether you love him or hate him, there is no doubt that J.J. will be in the gym getting his in. If you follow him, you will have one pro athlete on your Twitter feed who will always be challenging you to get better.


Annie Thorisdottir


This relatively unknown athlete is the queen of the motivational quote, and crossfit fans will find themselves going to her Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts whenever they are feeling a little down in the dumps. In addition to posting about her workouts and all of the things that she is trying to do to stay on top of her game, you can read about her career from various sites on the Web.


The Rock


“The People’s Champ” is probably one of the most popular people on the planet. His Instagram is a must follow, as he plays as a fitness model/inspirational role model/movie star/ just a straight up awesome dude. Just take a look at any of Dwayne Johnson’s social media accounts if you need someone to pump you up, laugh, or just feel good about life.


Chris Bosh


Fans who follow Bosh will quickly discover that he is a chef masquerading in a basketball player's body. Bosh loves to cook, and he frequently posts pictures of dishes that he creates from scratch to fuel his NBA body. Whether or not you are a fan of basketball, all athletes can benefit from a well-balanced diet that gives you the nutrients that you need to perform on the court or on the field. In addition to being a great cook, Bosh also has an amazing physique that should inspire you to get into the gym to do one more set of abs.


Bryce Harper


Bryce Harper is one of the most entertaining social media follows on this list, and he will help you focus on keeping a positive mental outlook while you are trying to live a healthier life. In addition to posting about his workouts and play on the field, Harper finds ways to let you know about the relaxing things that he does off of the field. This balance is key for athletes who are looking to live a well-balanced life. Work hard, play hard seems to be his official model.


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